'Is life coaching for me?'

Life coaching for personal development 

Personal development is far from being a simple thing. In its most basic form, most of us have improvements that we want to make across a range of areas in our life; relationships, career, health, financial matters, name just a few of the areas that we hold a lot of importance to, but don’t always make the right choices.

Complacency is a cruel concept. When we start to feel like one area of life is going great, we fall behind in another. Yet complacency can hit us hard, life isn’t great, but maybe that is just our lot. Should we just accept it? ‘As good as it gets’ is a flawed ideology… we can always look for ways to improve.  People sometimes give up before they even get started with trying to make improvements because they just aren’t sure if what they are going to try will work.

Complacency provides a sense of comfort. Life will go on if you don’t get that promotion, or if you can’t hold on to that treasured relationship, things will be ok in the end. And they will. But mediocrity and disappointment shouldn’t be and doesn’t have to be your default setting. This is a human sense of self-reassurance that to some extent keeps us alive. We can’t be beating ourselves up all the time over failures, whether they are big or small. Nobody needs to think, “if nothing changes, then there is nothing to be afraid of” Perhaps a search for inspiration is what you really need, but are too overwhelmed or unsure of what you actually want to even reach that point?

What if you were given a tried and tested road map, with a starting point and an action plan to keep you on the right track? Then would you give self-improvement a go?

 What you want isn’t always glaringly obvious

Whether you are in a rut of working mindlessly with a long lost sense of purpose or are going through a terrifying transition period, one which may well drive you into a life choice that isn’t the right one for you; the missing element is often inspiration.

Accepting a life of unquestioned mediocrity can mean that you get into a trap of being comfortable with a reality that was laid out for somebody else. Extracting yourself from the role that you have been playing in life can appear to be distressing or unsettling. This is short term. To leave the comfort zone is to discover your real goals and aims in life; not necessarily money, family or status as these are by-products of the fulfilling life.

Perhaps the boredom or stress of your life is the by-product of following a path that isn’t the right one for you.

Life coaching for inspiration

Inspiration will be needed to become who you really need to be, this is where you will be at your happiest with an unwavering, uncompromising belief that your vision and ideas are worth pursuing. This will lead you as an individual on the path to fulfillment. Inspiration comes from a connection of your conscious thoughts to your inner self. Many life coaching practices seek to illuminate your inner wants and needs to you, thus being helpful in bridging any inspirational gaps that your outlook may be suffering from.

Change right now

Before starting sessions with your life coach, the small steps that you can begin to take include gaining a good standard of physical fitness and vitality. Exercise has long been encouraged as a miracle cure to improving personal satisfaction and while it is very important, it is just one piece of the puzzle. Exercise and being in shape is invaluable for helping you to enjoy your life. Making nutritional improvements to your diet will also hold the same promise.

Being healthy works as a springboard into self-actualisation. Practices that are performed through life coaching can act as an awakening to discovering your true inspiration and being at your physical best can only help you in the process of finding your inspiration that maybe now feels like a distant dream. Aimless goal seeking won’t always help and can lead to more feelings of despondency. By being proactive in the search for inspiration you can uncover leads to reaching your destination in life.

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