If only...

I can’t imagine how many times the saying "if only" has come to someone’s mind, when they have had the opportunity of achieving or getting something they always wanted, but didn’t take any action.

I know that saying has gone through my mind enough times in the past when thinking of changing jobs, buying a house, starting a business, or even when starting a new relationship. It’s the saying that makes us think about the outcome after the event, whether the outcome was good or bad. It’s what we also sometimes refer to as ‘hindsight’.

But how many times is it really down to a fear of failure, or simply not undertaking any proactive actions to assist in our decision making process in the first place?

There is a famous saying from Benjamin Franklin that says “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”, and yet in life how many times do we really take the time to ‘prepare’?

Did we make those checks on the neighbourhood before buying that house? Did I really know that person before starting that relationship? Did I do any research on that market place before starting that business? Did I prepare enough for that interview? Was that the right time to make that change? Did I seek out any help beforehand?

You see, just by taking a step back and giving ourselves the opportunity to reflect before we take action, can help us avoid the "if only" question.

However, at times we do need help and support to move forward. In life we don’t have all the answers, and like a sports person, we need a coach to help us along the way. Someone to help us see what we’re not seeing, someone that can be objective, someone to help us address our limiting beliefs, someone to ask the right questions so we can reflect and someone to be accountable to.

You see, if you put your dreams, aspirations and future into the hands of others – your company, your boss, your partner, or even your parents – you risk not going where you want to go, and not doing what you want to do. After all, if you are not working to realise your own dreams, you’re most likely working to achieve someone else’s.

A coach can help you; they can help you to recognise your own strength and abilities so you can transform your life and create your own path to success.

So, after reading this, what are you going to do?

Say "if only" or take action to achieve your goals and aspirations.

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