How to silence your inner critic

Do you get down on yourself?

Do you feel like your own worst enemy?

Have you ever been bursting with inspiration, bursting with ideas, but struggle to get motivated or bring them fully to form, and then say unkind things to yourself? 

I know I have!

I was so unkind, so mean to me – I truly believe our inner critic says the worst stuff about us. 

Our inner critic is a defence mechanism.

It's a story we tell ourselves to block our greatness. It keeps us working in jobs we hate, staying in relationships that are toxic and earning less income that our potential.

But, hey there is definitely a way out.

And I am not talking about doing back to back Pilates or spinning classes or sitting in meditation for hours each day, or racing off to an ashram, or making yourself drink super green juice daily.

There's a more grounded, fun way to make peace with yourself.

When you make peace with your inner critic, you increase your confidence and self-esteem and this gives you back your power. It unleashes your potential. Everything changes radically in your life.

Many of you may experience the inner critic so frequently that engaging with it positively is uncomfortable and often difficult.

Go easy on yourself.

In periods of change and transition, we always vacillate, that’s par for the course.

Recognise that when you experience doubt and fear, it is a signal that you are touching onto something important and necessary for your personal growth.

To transform your relationship with the inner critic, you must become more conscious of it and learn how to banish it for good.

I'm talking about more awareness than ever before.

Do you want to continue on allowing your inner voice to run the show and speak victory into your life - or defeat? The choice is yours.

Action step: Create a name for your inner critic and a name for your alter ego. For example my inner critic is Bertie and my alter ego is Fierce Annie. When my inner critic Bertie starts chattering away I ask my alter ego Fierce Annie to please escort Bertie off the premises. Then Fierce Annie says over and over 'I know, I feel, I believe, I am powerful'.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to make a comment in the box below. Please share on social media if you feel inspired. You never know whose life you could change. 

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