How to make sure you never have failed New Year resolutions

It’s that time of year again when you’re about to go all guns blazing into the New Year with great intentions of being/doing/having something exciting, isn’t it?


I know, I know, you’re planning how 2023 is gonna be your year and it’s all about the New Year, new you vibes and all that jazz.

Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes New Year's resolutions work well… but more often than not, they don’t!

There can be lots of reasons why people give up on their New Year's resolutions. As a coach for women, one of the main reasons I see people falling short of achieving their goals is because they are following a flawed process when goal setting and resolution making.

Here’s where you might be going wrong:

  • You’re missing that important step of reflecting on what hasn’t worked so far to understand the blockers that have been keeping you stuck. You need to get clear on what’s not serving you and what you need to let go of, as well as knowing what version of you that you need to step into in order to succeed. 
  • You’re going after goals that are based on what you think you ‘should’ be doing or what other people want for you so there’s no wonder you feel like you lack motivation and momentum after a few weeks. You deserve a goal that’s so compelling you literally can’t wait to get to work on making your vision a reality. 
  • You’re waiting until you feel ready to make a start. Courage comes before confidence and those that wait for it to happen the other way around, wait forever. 
  • You don’t have a plan so you end up spending your time and energy on the wrong things that won’t move the needle and get you closer to where you ultimately want to be. Messing about with little pebbles and leaving those big rocks untouched will never get you that result. 
  • You’re not getting adequate support on your journey. Of course, going at it alone is possible but it’s so much harder and a lot less fun. You need accountability, encouragement and support to help keep you on track and stop you from throwing in the towel when times get tough or you have a wobble.

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Leanne x

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Shipley, West Yorkshire, BD17
Written by Leanne Cooper, Career Coach for Women
Shipley, West Yorkshire, BD17

I'm Leanne, a Self-development Specialist, Coach, Mentor and trainer for women and founder of You First Coaching.

I support high achieving but unfulfilled women to experience unstoppable success on their terms, without sacrificing themselves in the process.

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