How to double your confidence at interviews

So you have prepared your clothes the night before, you have had plenty of sleep, arrived at your interview early, researched the job and prospective employer, perhaps even written out sample interview questions, reflected on your career path, arrived in your smartest outfit and feel quite excited - but during the interview:

You FREEZE  or WAFFLE  or FIDGET. How do I know? I used to do that all the time.

Or you CLAM UP when asked "tell me about you"

If you develop your own inventory weeks before the interview and tailor it to the job you are applying for by organising chapters by time periods or job history you will sell your USP in a more powerful, confident way.

This will demonstrate that you really know yourself which is not only powerful, but also means you will be authentic and comfortable with yourself. Speak in an emotionally sound way as it will help you communicate effectively and most importantly with ease. By practicing your own story you can develop a unique style and ensure you are engaging at all times.

Keeping your feet still and instigating eye contact will help you exude confidence.
Being authentic means leading with clarity and passion.

Pause before answering, be thoughtful, positive, approachable, warm and enthusiastic with your words.  

Learn to listen and listen to learn and most of all ENJOY

This is YOUR life, your interview, your career...

Remember interviews are opportunities to showcase your talent, skills and abilities and it is always about progress, not perfection.

MAKE IT HAPPEN! It's your time to shine...

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