Getting more from Google Helpouts - Increase your coaching reach

Every coach is looking for new and dynamic ways of reaching potential clients. Google HelpOuts has certainly changed the dynamic but just how does it work for the average coach?

The idea behind Google HelpOuts is to connect service providers - in our case 'coaches' with potential clients. The clients search for the services they need help with and are presented with a list based upon their keyword search.

Providers can either provide their services 'free' or they can charge for them. More about that a little later.

The process itself can be somewhat frustrating in getting your 'Helpout' approved and set live. Initially you go to: and select the option to create a Helpout.

I really recommend before doing that that you:

  • Research how others are providing the specific service you want to provide.
  • Make a note of their visual - photograph and video as well as their verbiage.

Once you have seen how others are presenting then it is time to go to create your own. The process its self is self explanatory so no need to go into great detail here.

Getting a catchy and pointed title is essential, so play around with the wording.

Make sure your photo reflects what you are providing - Google Helpouts will reject your entry if they feel the photo is not specific or of good enough quality.

Likewise in the video you have to be in it so no animated videos. It also has to be less than 60 seconds long.

Now get to what you are providing. Again the key here seems to be specifics - what are you going to do with the client? What techniques etc.

Word of advice here, do not mention NLP. According to Google Helpouts they prohibit Helpouts that use NLP. Avoid the frustration and just omit that.

Add in your Associations and links to your profiles on professional bodies or search directories such as Life Coach Directory. Add in your web site, Facebook Business page and Twitter and it you want go ahead with LinkedIn and YouTube!

You are able to schedule the times when you are 'available' and that is extremely flexible and easy to follow. Likewise you can state that there is a penalty for 'no shows'. It is 50% of the fee charged.

Finally go ahead and add some more information in narrative form into the about me section. Again DO NOT put web links into the first section about your services - it could be rejected.

Once submitted Google will take anything from a few hours up to 48 for you to get its approval or requirements for changes. Don't fret. I have found reading through them then going to edit my Helpout is straight forward. The frustration comes when for example as seems to be the case, totally different people review your entry and all seem to have totally different grasps of what is permitted and what is not. Some will even follow the links to your web site and if they feel you have used the same wording will once again tell you to change the entry listing information.

You can also get your very own Helpout session with one of the Google Helpout team. Alas they can only comment and that person will not be the one to actually approve the final listing.

So back to pricing. I found for the 15 minute slot, if you offer that for let's say £ 10, it will show on Google as £ 16.80 which means Google will be making £6.80 on your time, so please take that into consideration. (To find out how much your approved listing is actually advertised for you need to sign out of Google and do a search of Hangouts using your key word - scroll down until you see your listing and there you will discover how much your services are billed at.)

Once approved you are ready to bring in those clients from all around the world ... or right on your own door step.

You can have multiple different listings running and manage them all from your Google Helpouts dashboard.

Remember to promote your HelpOuts via your Twitter and social media feeds! (Google will pick up the links and once again it increases your profile in their search engine).

Enjoy the experience. It can lead to new longer term clients as well as increasing your Google search visibility.

Good hunting!

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