Foundations - the building blocks to success

We cannot hope to start to create and live the life we love without solid and stable foundations.

Architects designing a new building ensure a firm structural base. A tradesperson brings the tools ready for the job in hand. Builders need bricks and mortar. Chefs require a clean, well-equipped kitchen and accessible ingredients. Artists start with a blank canvas and the necessary materials. For a hairdresser; training, vision and scissors, a surgeon; instruments, scrubs and skill. You get what I’m saying; preparation is key.

So, before you embark on your quest to achieve what you really desire in life, it’s well worth reviewing your own building blocks. This is often a first stage in the coaching process.

Have you provided a strong base on which to plan, design, create, build and live the life that’s right for you? Without it, everything may be unstable and rocky or at worst, come crashing down!

Here are some considerations:

Do you have good physical foundations for vitality and energy: drinking enough water, getting sufficient sleep, eating healthily, exercising regularly in an activity you enjoy and attending routine  medical and dental check- ups?

Have you created well-balanced environmental foundations: a comfortable, organised and calm home, an uncluttered work area and space to relax and unwind?

What about emotional foundations: enjoying happy times with the people you love, wearing clothes which make you feel great, having family/ friends for support, feeling good about how you look and being confidently ready to make the steps required?

Choose one or two changes for the better and write them down. Focus initially on preparing and laying a solid foundation to enable a stronger superstructure! After all, it’s your life and you deserve the best. Exciting building work lies ahead!

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