Finding your flow

Life is a journey. That journey flows along like a river. Things are constantly changing, evolving, growing or diminishing, rising or falling, sometimes propelling forwards sometimes taking a step backwards or being jolted to a standstill. Change is about the only thing we can be sure of in life much like nature changes with the seasons.

We all have dreams, desires and ambitions whether they be well kept secrets (even from ourselves) or things we declare to those around us and the world at large. 

Equally we are all faced with challenges every day, things we feel defeated by or consistently turn away from because they are too difficult to handle, things that hinder our happiness and well-being.

So how do we negotiate life so that we make the most of our talents and passions that will enable us to fulfil our dreams whilst also handling the challenges and hurdles that life throws at us? How do we do this in a way that keeps our happiness and well-being on an even keel?

Finding answers to these questions is the main quest that coaches strive to find answers to with their clients. Coaches help people bring the desires of their clients (conscious and unconscious) to the fore so that clients can work on what matters most to them at that moment time. Giving dedicated time and attention to these matters is where transformational change is made towards greater fulfilment and happiness.

I call this quest 'Finding your flow'. It's about moving through life with a calm confidence and inner peace so that that you know you can handle whatever comes your way. It's about discovering (or rediscovering) the inner resources you possess to remain unshaken by outside events whatever they may be and reaching forwards for what you want out of life.

Finding our flow in our internal world enables us to live in flow in our external world.

As human beings we typically find it difficult to know and observe ourselves. Our natural aptitude towards self-awareness is low unless we have taken deliberate steps to improve on this - even then it's a life-long journey of self-discovery. We are too close to see our own talents, hear our own dreams and ambitions, to see our own sabotaging behaviours, to know our own weaknesses etc. So we must rely on others to hold up a mirror so we can see more clearly. 

This is where a coach comes in. Coaches are here to support you in finding your flow through life in a supportive and non-judgemental way. They are the sounding board, the encouragers, the listeners, the people who are there 100% on your side, believing in you and willing you to make life everything you want it to be. They don't judge you for whatever you may have done or may want to do in the future.

Coaches also tune in and pick up on the subtle things about you that you may not be aware of in yourself, and share this with you in a supportive manner so you can work out how to use this knowledge. Whatever an individual coaches' approach may be, they all work with you in partnership to achieve goals and outcomes that are the most important to you. 

If you want less struggle, greater peace and more flow in your life, book yourself a session with a coach today and get started on a very exciting new journey!

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All coaches are verified professionals

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