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As humans we have the natural gift to choose our responses to life situations. In a challenging business scenario, difficulty in a sports competition or any life struggle we always have a minimum of two choices - to give up or keep fighting.

Giving up on what we believe in brings sadness, disappointment, shame and anger. Winning, from another side, can only make us feel happier and more confident in ourselves and about our achievements.

Unfortunately this is a reflection of a mind, which is calm and not under pressure. When stressed, the human brain often reacts in a different way, which is by applying instincts and forgetting how to rationalise. As a result of this, we may be experiencing the desire to win, yet at the moment of difficulty this desire will rarely win over our tiredness and exhaustion. In this moment we give up or try hard by trying to cheer ourselves up, which either fails or manages to help us only as a means of a temporary solution.

We can only win and fight for what we believe in, if we truly believe in it. Ask yourself: Do I really want this or is this someone else's desire? Why do I want it and why is winning so important to me? Who or what do I do it for? Does it come from a genuine place deep, deep inside of me? What will be different when I achieve it and is it worth fighting for?

When you are clear about what the meaning or purpose behind this goal is and when and only when this desire becomes so personal to you that you start breathing, sleeping and eating with it ... then will you feel truly empowered.

If and if only you truly want it; know why you want it; consistently want it and work towards achieving it, will you win! It will become a part of you, it will become part of your instincts!

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