Doubt is a negative distraction

I witnessed at first hand, the initial effects of George Osborne’s warning about the British economy this week.

I was talking to the owner of a British engineering company; he asked if I had heard George Osborne’s statement on the economy this year. I noticed the doubt written across his face and his tone was more subdued. I said, “No I haven’t” and asked him what had been said. He replied, “He says, that our economy is going to have a tough year.” He was clearly agitated by what he had heard.

I told him about another company owner, who I had worked with in 2009. This company worked in the swimming pool and hot tub industry. At that time I had asked this owner how things were going in their industry; they had replied, “The top 10% are doing exceedingly well and in fact orders have gone up substantially in this area. Not only that, there are more new products being developed to cater for their needs”. 

I then asked the engineering company owner, what had changed in his company over the past three years? He told me about their new product ranges, to exploit home and world markets at the top end of the market. He also explained that they had listened to the feedback from the sales team about their competitors and were also bringing in new British made products, to challenge foreign imports at the lower end of the market. He explained that both their products and marketing were now excellent, as was the upskilling of their workforce. Sales were up.

He then paused and looked at me, with a smile on his face, “I see what you mean”. I noticed that his doubts had disappeared and his tone was much more positive.

Being coached means that you, the client, keep focused on what is positive, important and meaningful in your life.

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