Don't be Scared

When you approach change it can be a very scary thing, particularly if you don't know what you want to change you only know that something is wrong.

There is also the fear that there is so much wrong with your life that you won't be able to tackle it all, so best play safe and get on with it.

"Get on with it" what a one-track way to look at the entire experience of living? Yet most of us are bought up with the idea that life is about drudgery and struggle, and the idea that it can be a marvellous experience and mind-blowing journey is outside our vocabulary and experience.

Well it can. Life is a journey and all journey's have stages. When your journey goes through a rough patch it is up to you to get behind the driving wheel and give your wheel of fortune a good push forwards to the next positive place.

However, we are all part of a society that is constantly fed the idea that if something is wrong with your life then by definition something is wrong with you, and it's very difficult to break away from that negative way of thinking and realise that everyone goes through stages and the stage will last for as long as you let it.

You see, with the right mentor change won't be frightening, it will be a wonderful and inspiring step onto the next stage of your journey. A journey of the creation of happiness and amazing memories!

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