Discipline versus motivation

The common nominator for discipline and motivation is moving towards a particular action.

Motivation is the tool that inspires you, helps you to create a bigger picture – to write a book, to develop a business, to win competitions... to achieve your goals.

Motivation creates a mood, feelings, sensations – we love what we are doing, we forget the time, we are in the flow.

If you're ever established any goals you know the feeling, you have this sudden feeling of sharp realisation – a light bulb moment.

Motivation is defined as the reason why you are doing something, or the level of desire you have to do something.

But if you wait for the motivation on regular basis there is a danger of creating procrastinations loops:

“I’ll do it later”, “I am not productive right now”, “not in the mood right now”,“maybe I should start doing something”.

In fact you have been motivated in the way of Alexander the Great when he was planning to conquer the world. He had a vision but after he realised that travelling on that horse could be painful he decided to start when the saddles were made with a better design… "a bit later, but not now".

Or "I’ll start training when I have that pair of trainers, or join find a great gym, or be in the Olympic form". No, you start training and achieve the rest on the way!

Believing in motivation alone is a false attitude. You can be enthusiastic about boring jobs. For some it could be boring administrative tasks, doing your accounts, or jogging when you prefer playing basketball.

Now you can use a better and more powerful tool – discipline.

Motivation helps you to get ready to act.

Discipline makes you act even if you are not feeling ready. Discipline is an activity, exercise, action. It is your own control by enforcing those actions to make your vision reality.

Discipline is the way to overlook your current mood and act irrelevant of your feelings, creating that feeling of being unstoppable.

The more discipline you have the greater outcome!

Motivation is generally short-term and needs renewal. Your driving force is discipline, which takes you through ups and downs, like a loyal, reliable, courageous eternal engine with that vision in mind.

To develop discipline start with a few small steps and be consistent.

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