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For a long time now I have been documenting what I want in life. I sit for about 30 minutes a day writing down my intentions and what I would like my life to be like… I got into the routine of planning my life as if I was getting the results I desired. I would describe how my year would be, what would manifest throughout the year, I would talk about how I would feel, how I would look, the quality of my relationships, and what events would happen…

I would write down stuff like… 'I have a big loving family who are getting along well, we have regular dinners and gathering together, we are loving and supportive, we enjoy each others company, we laugh we have fun, and we share moments together.' And guess what, if anyone could describe how my close family is right now this would describe it. I have a massive family, we meet regularly, we talk regularly, we catch up and check in with each other, we celebrate together, and we spend quality time together.

This wasn’t always the case a lot of time, even though we did things together there would be a lot of arguments. Some members of the family would be doing their own thing and some of the relationships were very distant. But I believe through writing and describing how I would like my family situation and talking as if my family situation was the way I wanted it, I finally attracted my current situation. And I love it.

Then there is my amazing partner.

For a long time I would describe the relationship that I wanted as if I was already in. I would write down how I would want my relationship to be like and how my partner would treat me as if I was in that situation. I would write things like... 'I am in a loving relationship. My partner loves me, admires and is fully committed to me. We spend lots of quality time together, we have fun, and we do everything together' - a representation of what our vision of a partnership should be like.

And this is the situation now. We spend nearly every day together, we do lots of fun activities together; cooking, going to museums, talking, watching our TV series together always like Scandal and Empire, we both work on being our best self to help build a stronger connection and continuously better our relationship, we support each other on our individual business ventures and do our best to fulfil each other’s needs.

And again, I am coming from a place where I was in relationships and situations that were not bringing out the best in me, and were not a true reflection of what I desired. However, through continuously writing down my desires as if I was already living them out I again attracted another situation that I wanted.

The power of focusing your intentions as if you were already living out your desires are truly powerful, you can literally manifest your desires quickly. 

This is the power of living life as if

It’s crazy, because you get so into the habit of doing these as if's that you don’t even realise that they are developing right in front of your very eyes and then bang! One day you're just there happy thinking out you situation, thinking about how you got there, and then realise, wait this is what I was describing all that time. Literally!

I want the same for you. Try it… start to create your life through this simple as if technique… start writing your goals and acting in away as if you already have the life that you want…

  • If you want to be in a career that you love… start writing it down as if it is already happening and describe it in detail. How life looks going to work, being at work; your co-worker etc. start feeling as if it's already happening, when you leave your house to go to work with a smile, feel happy to go to work, reprogram your mind to think that you are going to the job of your dreams, treat your co-workers like they are the co-worker that you want to be working with. Start acting and feeling as if you are already in you dream career.
  • If you want that dream home, start window shopping around like you’re already buying furniture for your home. Go visit your dream home, visit the area you would like to buy your home, walk around the area, and get a feel for the place. Feel as if you are already living there. Walk or drive past your dream home and just visualise yourself living there as if you already do and then when you drive off think to yourself that you are living in your home and will be coming back later.
  • If you want to be in a loving relationship with a partner who you love and who loves you, describe in your journal how your partner makes you feel, and what you and your partner do together. Start describing the life that you and your partner will be creating together as if you and your partner are already co-creating.

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London, Hackney, E9
Written by Ayesha Giselle Dornelly, Life Coach & Hypnotherapist
London, Hackney, E9

Ayesha Giselle is an certified expert life coach, self-love teacher, speaker and a featured author for Ayesha is passionate about helping you to become the person you choose to be, a person you like, admire and like being.

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