Create empowering alternatives to unwanted behaviours

You can make pictures in your head, can’t you? Yes, you can. Of course you can.

Now, don’t think of a blue tree....

Did you think of a blue tree?  Did you picture a blue tree? So, not only can you picture things in your head, you can also construct pictures in your head of things that you have never seen before, can’t you?

Now are you making good use of this skill or is it causing you problems? Let’s investigate.

If you had difficulty with picturing that blue tree, then let’s do a little exercise to practice your ability. 

First of all look at an object, any object. Now close your eyes and hold the image of that object in your head. Done it?  Excellent. Everyone can make pictures in their head, it is an in-built human ability. If you find it tricky, then you just need some practice at it.

Now, Think of an apple.  A big round juicy apple.  Make it bigger and make the colours more vibrant. Now imagine that you have taken a big bite out of that apple, and you can see the bite mark. 

Got it?  Now, think of that apple turning luminous yellow and growing little legs...and now give it a huge smile.  Well done, so you can construct pictures in your head too!

How do we put this skills to good use then?  Well, think of your life. Is it perfect? Are you perfect? If not, then think, what do I do that is not perfect yet? 

Maybe you smoke, and do not want to smoke, or maybe you need to lose a few pounds, or maybe you lose your temper too easily?  

Got something? Good.  Now when you think of that thing that you do but wish that you didn’t do you have a picture in your head of that thing?  If not, then please get a picture associated with it.  Thank you. Now make sure with this picture that you are seeing the picture as if through your own eyes. 

Take that picture and make it really big and bright and bring it really close to you. How does it feel? Take the picture now and make it really small and dark and zoom it out to the other side of the room.  How does it feel now?  Ok. Leave it there!

Now, think of how you would like to act instead and get a picture for that. This time I want you to step out of your body and see yourself in the picture.   See yourself acting in this new and empowering way.  Now, make the picture bigger, fill it with colour. See yourself smiling in the picture and enjoying yourself. Bring the picture really close up and lock it in place.  Lock it in place and hear it lock like the sound that tupperware makes when you close the box.

Great now take a deep breath and come back into the room. 

You now have a more empowering alternative to your previous behaviour.  Whenever you used to get the old picture and used to produce that unwanted behaviour, just remember to bring back this new picture and feel good about producing a better behaviour for yourself.

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