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A few days ago, I was coaching a client. Yet, during our session, my mind was expressing many judgments!

I was pushed to consider one perspective, the one my mind wanted me to see. As if I was projecting one reality… as opposed to looking at the whole picture.

Do you remember the last time you overreacted? Your mind has cooked up an unhelpful dish, which has triggered strong emotions and you have accepted the meal.

Unhelpful beliefs may generate catastrophic situations. The reality is that you cannot always trust your past experiences to resolve present situations. Your past offers you an initial option, which may not be the best one.

Challenging unhelpful beliefs is the gate to grow and expand who you are.

Creating a new reality starts with a decision. 
What do you desire to create in your life? Seriously. What do you want in your life that you don’t have? Close your eyes for a few seconds, and have a go!

Now that you have made your choice, your mind will connect that new desire with your belief system. Your initial thoughts will echo your past experiences. Creating a new reality is unsettling for your mind. Because your mind is designed to protect you, it stops you from doing things that might hurt you.

Your mind may start dismissing this exercise and find many reasons not to initiate a change in your life. This is a good sign to continue!

If that happens, simply decide to stop the unwanted thoughts: “I am not interested to listen to this right now. I DO want to create a new experience in my life.”

Turn off the inner bla bla bla Radio. Focus on what you desire.

You are now taking control of your thought process; the next step is to root yourself into the action.

Success starts small. A small step.

A very first step of one minute. Repeated daily. This is the trick.

You want to grow this project brick by brick, minute after minute.

One minute every day to connect with yourself - Breathe deeply for one minute, put coconut oil on your skin, sit on a bench to enjoy the sun, revisit the most fulfilling moments of your day.

One minute every day to develop a project you have left on the side for too long - Start removing things you don’t like, where you live, search for a new sport activity, enroll in theatre, evening discovery, reconnect with old projects (remember the papers left in a pile, a drawer or in a box).

One minute every day to go over your fears or try something you have never done - What scares you most? How would you feel once you go over this fear? Take your phone and call a very old friend you have not talked to for years, walk in a park with closed eyes following the guidance of a partner, start learning something new, what are the talents of your neighbours? Learn from them.

One minute every day to share your love with those who are important to you - Thank you darling for being in my life, smile in the street to strangers, call this one person who has done something that changed your life forever. Do or give something for free where you would generally ask for payment. Apologise to someone you may have hurt in the past.

One minute every day to create a new reality in your life! How about taking the next minute and start with a very first step?

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