Accurate life direction through the power of your name

Let's face it, whether you love your name or loathe it, it's always been with you, from ever since you can remember, written and spoken in numerous forms and contexts; from the pen and ink officially marking your entry into the world on your birth certificate and your doctor's records, to the school register, perhaps spoken with authority by a teacher or employer, softly by a lover or with pride from a caring parent.

Your name is an intrinsic part of your identity, but not only that, research in the field of spiritual numerology suggests that the very sound vibration of your name (the one that is given on your birth certificate) carries a certain resonance which contributes to shaping your personality and attracting certain experiences into your life; suggesting that your name has the power to provide accurate life direction analysis through what is known as 'soul plan reading'.

A trained soul plan practitioner is able to detail your talents, personality traits, relationships, life challenges and lessons all through the vibration of your name (and without having had to have previously met you). Most importantly having a soul plan reading means that you will receive information that can help you deal with or accept circumstances or past issues and move forwards towards life goals that are authentic to your inner core; uncovering the true essence of yourself and discovering which experiences will nurture your soul and help you feel alive and with living with purpose.

This revolutionary concept of soul plan reading was first derived in the 1980s by the spiritual teacher and author, Frank Alper, and has since been adapted and modified by author and founder of Holistic healing college, Blue Marsden, who holds a degree in philosophy and MA in psychoanalysis.

One of the most enlightening aspects which occurs through a soul plan reading is learning how you can use your talents to overcome your life's challenges, which can essentially help you reach your goals and step into the wonderful uplifting energies of your soul destiny; those experiences in life which makes your heart sing and every fibre of your being feel alive...

When we are living with purpose we are being and expressing our truest nature.

Having a soul plan reading is not only a very accurate form of life direction and analysis but it can provide some light bulb "ah ha" moments, literally throwing light and clarity on issues that may have seemed pointless, mundane or just plain painful... it can be be an extremely healing experience when seemingly random pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of life are put together and shown within the context of the greater whole... unearthing a plan of magnificent wisdom and love, which is true of all of us at our deepest essence.

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