A true story about love

The beautiful green plant: A true story about love. 


Once upon a time, because of many things that we might never know... a tiny cluster of green leaves became separated from its home. It sat very still in a very small place and nobody knew it was there...

It prayed and prayed to the Plant God to be saved, but a long time passed by and nobody came... In the stillness of its being separate, it survived by drinking small drops of rain, but its roots had nothing to cling on to. It had no home and no cool earth to make it grow.

In the very small place, it felt so sad and so alone and so afraid... and from this tiny hidden darkness, it could see other plants growing, and belonging...

The little green plant dreamed of being in a fine pot and having cool earth to grow in and it thought in those lonely moments, 'Why? ... Why am l invisible to the world? I didn't want to fall to the ground and be left...'

It was easy to feel that maybe it had done something wrong and that was why it could not grow and flourish like all the other plants.

As the mornings and the afternoons and the evenings and the nights passed by, it became harder and harder to believe in the Plant God and it began to fade, and with its fading inside its little green plant heart and the part of it that could not be seen, the delicate greenness of its leaves paled too... and quietly, the little green plant began to fade away...

Then one day nearby, a lady with long hair, who was very sad because she had nobody to love her, came upon the little green plant and gently picked it up.

"You remind me of myself," she said. "You look so sad and so alone." And so, she put the little green plant into a small pot with earth and she gently patted the earth around it... "There, there," she said. "Here is your new home." And she watered the little green plant very faithfully twice a day and she remembered her smile.

The little green plant was overwhelmed with joy. 

'At last!', it thought. And so it began to know kindness, and the kindness touched its little green plant heart and all was well within its new beginning.

But then a strong wind blew, as it sometimes does, and because the little green plant was still weak and fragile and had not yet had the chance to make its roots while it was sleeping, the wind's breath made it fall out of its new home.

'Oh no', thought the little green plant when it woke up. 'l am back here on the ground. How will l grow and flourish?'

But deep inside its small green leaves, because it had known the kindness of the lady with the long hair, there had been planted an invisible little growing thing called faith... It had no leaves but faith began to live within the leaves of the little green plant because it was a feeling, and good feelings are the flowers of the soul. And because the little green plant began to believe in its own strength, because of kindness, it held on even though it felt like giving up.

The kindness fed its little green plant soul with another fine thing... it began to know faith and it began to hope once more, even though it was on the ground.

The lady with the long hair woke from her sleep and in the morning found the little green plant again, and seeing it helpless and blown away from its chance to grow and flourish, she felt an aching in her heart because she too had not been given a chance to grow and flourish. "There there, l will protect you," she said and she gently placed the little green plant into the pot and patted the earth around it so that it could grow and flourish and inside, the lady with the long hair began to remember these fine things that had once lived within her own soul because she had begun to love the little green plant.

Once more, the wind blew, and the little green plant was blown away from its home even further this time, but it was a brighter green and it was stronger.

The lady with the long hair once again rescued the little green plant and put it back where it could grow and flourish because she felt so sad to see that it only needed just a chance... just one chance... and so, touched by its strength, she prayed her love would make it survive.

So the lady with the long hair thought, 'Maybe l should show the little green plant just how much l love it...' Water was not enough, and because it is love that gives you strength and hope – and the little green plant needed the strength to take root and make it strong within the earth inside the pot so that it could become a proper home – she gently touched its tiny leaves and whispered kind things to it so that might grow and flourish.

Then a magical thing happened...

The wind came again but this time the little green plant that had been so courageous and had survived against all odds held on. Its faith and hope were stronger than the wind and its roots had begun to wind down into the earth inside the pot and the winds that blew could not blow it away anymore.

Day by day, the lady with the long hair lovingly gave the little green plant water and talked to it about her life and watched the beauty of its leaves. She understood just how important it was to feel loved and how love changes you.

Her love made the little green plant grow and grow. Its beautiful green leaves shimmered in the sun and had tiny tips of red at the end of each leaf. It was not pale anymore.

Without words, the lady with the long hair felt that she was given magic strength by watching this poor little green plant grow and flourish into a beautiful grown-up plant, and so she felt good inside, and stronger in the belief that love is the most important thing of all... because it doesn't matter what you are.

Love makes you grow and flourish...

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Written by Gail Berry, Emotional and Relationship Coach
London, N8

Written by Gail Berry Emotional Coach - both a therapist and an alternative medical practitioner who works with healing people’s core wounds and uses Bach Flower Remedies alongside talking and behavioural therapy to make real change and transformation possible.

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