Seven habits confident people reject

Confident people have different habits to those who feel insecure and low in self-esteem. They have habits that are empowering and reject anything that doesn't sit with their values.

Here are seven habits they reject:

1. They don't go around complaining about what they don't have and what isn't working out. They reflect on the positive and what they are grateful for even if they have not yet reached their goal. They are aware enough to know that being grateful and positive ensures they remain focused, motivated and happy.

2. They do not compare and despair. They are always happy for other people who achieve success - seeing them as an inspiration rather than feeling down if someone has reached their goals before they have. They are confident in their abilities and are never jealous as they consider this futile.

3. What you think of them is none of their business. They do not define themselves by what others think. It's simply not important to them. They are more concerned about what they think of themselves. Confident people don't seek validation and approval.

4. They don't dwell on the problem, they dwell on the solution. They are not interested in complaining and expending negative energy. They like to focus on what they can change rather than what they can't. They surround themselves with proactive, successful, happy, confident people, not those who love to moan and groan.

5. They don't make excuses. They believe where there is a will there is a way. They steer away from anyone who says 'yeah but'. They are willing to try new ways and change their perspective if things are not going the way they had planned or hoped. They keep going and are resilient with their goals.

6. They don't think they know it all. They have humility and grace and are always open and flexible in their thinking and like to learn and listen. Many confident people have mentors and coaches as they like to improve themselves and keep their eye on the ball.  They don't strut about with an arrogant attitude.

7. They don't pass the buck. They own up to their mistakes and the errors they make. They are accountable for their choices, thoughts, feelings and beliefs and take responsibility for their lives. 


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