Three things smart people don't do

Everyone has flaws, shortcomings and defects. However when we are smart we don’t let any of this hold us back. When we are acting smart we focus on raising our self-confidence and self-esteem, being focused and disciplined, learning how to communicate confidently with others, listening to learn and learning to listen. 

1. They don't consider themselves to be less important than others

Smart people respect themselves. They look within and accept their imperfections. They honour their values instead of compromising them and value their thoughts, opinions and beliefs, rather than curtailing to everyone else's.  

Smart people;

  • Focus on their strengths.

  • Advertise their positive traits without being arrogant.

  • Respect their principles.

2. They don't terrorise their minds

Smart people don’t berate themselves or constantly criticise themselves.They acknowledge their assets and embrace their imperfections. They know once they embrace all their imperfections, no one can use them against them. 

Smart people;

  • Are aware of their negative beliefs and habits and keep the light on them, then reframe them.

  • Are kind and considerate to themselves.

  • Keep a success journal  – whatever the size.

3. They don't behave incongruently

Smart people don’t always like everything about themselves, but as they are integral they act on the courage to be authentic. They allow themselves to be vulnerable only with people whom they feel safe with. They understand the difference between revealing and honesty. 

Smart people;

  • Are rigorously honest with themselves and stand by their conviction.

  • Are comfortable with being perfectly imperfect.

  • Believe empowerment is all about being authentic. 

Smart people are aware it's their choice and responsibility to be accountable for their life as they understand self-responsibility is the foundation of empowerment. They don't play the victim by blaming others for things going wrong. 

They are kind, considerate, mindful, generous and proactive, yet they know not everyone else is like that, so they ensure they don't hang around negative, toxic people - neither should you. 

What? Because you are smart too!

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