10 top tips for a stress free Christmas!

1. Christmas has not happened yet so you still have a choice about how you are going to enjoy it! What would you really like to change this year to improve it?

2. Pick your most annoying relative of friend. Choose to be nice to them this year! See what happens!

3. Buy yourself a secret santa present that you really love. Place it under the tree as your treat on Christmas day!

4. Go and help someone else instead e.g. the Archer project. (Google for ideas near you!)

5. Book yourself a de-cluttering session and take it to a charity shop...help others.

6. Or teach yourself to sell things on E-bay, and start a way boost your income in the new year!

7. Go and hide in a deep, warm bubble bath!

8. Play hide and seek and have a snooze whilst waiting... kids love this!

9. When it all gets too much, walk round the block, twice if you have too, it really relaxes you.

10. Invite the neighbours kids round on Christmas eve and keep your kids entertained!

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Sheffield, S11
Written by Karen Perkins, Life Coaching, Career Coaching & Business Coaching
Sheffield, S11

Karen Perkins is a life and career coach based in Sheffield, near the beautiful Peak District and globally by Skype. A member of the Association of Coaching and SFEDI Mentor.

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