10 things highly confident people don't do

Do you ever wonder if some people are born with confidence?

Studies show that behavioural scientists and evidence-based clinicians are increasingly suggesting that the building of self-confidence will help to make and to sustain lasting changes in our behaviours. Successful people create a winning strategy - they set the stage, organise the lighting, hire the crew and direct the play.

You need to focus not so much on what needs changing in the world, and what others need to change in themselves, but on what needs to be changed in you - in your beliefs, thoughts and attitudes. You have to set boundaries, but remain flexible. You may understand the importance of logic but are you aware that the world is not always logical? 

Confident people are not interested in who is right or who is wrong. They are interested in changing what isn’t working. They are courageous and bold – they do not understand the word ‘no’ and you never catch them saying ‘yeah, but…’                                      

Confident people do not determine their worth by prestige or power, but by their moral principles and their convictions and sincerity. They are aware of their own needs and are able to see good in unexpected talents in people and places. Furthermore, they can keep their minds decluttered and are tolerant of those who make blunders. This is because they recognise that making mistakes is the way to learn and develop. 

Confident people are also highly focused on creating rather than criticising. Perfection will only distract them from excellence. They recognise that rushing things and being busy aren’t the same as productivity, but rather serve to highlight an exaggerated sense of their own importance.

For a quick summary, here are 10 things highly confident people don't do: 

1. They don't have a sense of entitlement. 

There is no arrogance about highly confident people, or expectations that the world owes them a living and that we are all put here for their benefit. They work hard. Many have started at the bottom and earned their success.

2. They don't sit in the problem.

Confident people know that confidence is a learned skill, so they reframe all negative thoughts, anxiety and fear and sit in the solution. They feed their minds every single day with positive thoughts and focus on what they do want and not what they don't want

3. They don't compare and despair.

They are not jealous or bitter towards those who are successful and they do not get angry with others for being richer, thinner or happier. Neither do they put themselves down and put everyone else on a pedestal. People with natural confidence are accepting and content with who they are.

4. They don't take anything for granted

Confident people are always grateful for every tiny thing. They are a pleasure to be around as they appreciate what they have and what you do for them and their health, family, home and their lifestyle - even when things are tough.

5. They don't make excuses.

A key thing is that confident people neversay 'yeah but'. They constantly have an open mind and listen to learn, and are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their dreams. Even if it feels scary they take the risk.

6. They don't sabotage.

Everyone makes mistake and sometimes even the most confident people can feel low and like they can't be bothered. However, rather than dwelling on this, they are usually the ones to get up and get moving - living with the attitude that 'the show must go on'. 

7. They don't allow others to dampen their dreams.

Confident people refuse to allow anyone to rain on their parade. They will not buy into anyone else's negative opinions or beliefs that they can't achieve their dreams and that their goals are unrealistic. 

8. They don't have low expectations.

There is a strong belief among confident people that they can achieve anything, and that the best is always yet to come. They keep their dreams huge and their feet on the ground. They believe they will get noticed for all the right reasons. 

9. They don't bumble along.

Confident people write goals and life plan. They know that in order to succeed they need to be clear about every area of their life, so they take the time to get to know themselves and what get clarity around what they aspire to. They then set realistic targets.

10. They don't rest on their laurels. 

Being a confident person means constantly looking for ways to improve and learn from others. Confident people are always raising their awarenessabsorbing knowledge and wisdom, and looking for ways to improve self esteem and build even more confidence.


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