Do our dreams hold the key to happiness?

In Life Coaching a ‘dream’ usually refers to a vision we have about the future – how we would like our lives to be. Once we know what our dreams are we can then work towards achieving them. We often speak about the need to overcome any obstacles that get in the way of our dreams and set goals to help us do this, this can sometimes take weeks/months.

Why not work backwards? Use your dreams (in this case I mean the dreams you have when sleeping) to get an accurate, honest snapshot of how your beliefs and thoughts are blocking your happiness. I say accurate and honest because your dreams come from your unconscious mind (your authentic self), while you sleep, your conscious, critical, judgemental mind is at rest, allowing you to be who you were born to be.

All past memories, feelings and thoughts are stored in your Unconscious Mind. You can use this valuable information for self discovery, to heal emotional pain and to solve problems in your waking life - to achieve your dreams, start and end with your Dream Life!

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