Be Present

Being present is about living in the present moment - not going over past events or worrying about the future. There are many times in your daily life when you may not be fully absorbed in any activity and your thoughts start to wander to past regrets or future concerns. To prevent your thoughts from escalating you will need to bring yourself back to the present. Here are some ideas -

Talk to a friend
Spend time on a hobby
List your achievements
Learn something new
Take a breathing break - concentrate on slowing down your breathing, focus on the breath in and out. Try to do this for 5 minutes
Indulge your senses
Keep a journal
Enjoy simple pleasures -
Slowly eat your favourite food, savour every mouthful
Hold someones hand
Drink wine in the bath
Listen to birds singing
Eat warm bread
Paint a rainbow
Walk on autumn leaves
Share a smile
Whatever it is that you choose to do make it something that you enjoy

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