Working With a Life Coach to Help you Make a New Beginning!

Working With a Life Coach to Help you Make a New Beginning!

Whether you want to change career, move house, start a new hobby or being a new relationship with yourself or someone else, there is much power in new beginnings. A chance to reinvent ourselves and step into a more expanded version of who we really want to be, what we want to do and the things and people we’d like to surround ourselves with. But we don’t need to wait for a significant event, change in circumstances or new lunar cycle to turn a new page. We can start our lives over on any day, in any moment. Working with a life coach can support you tremendously in taking action.

Top 5 reasons why working with a life coach can help support you make a new beginning in your life:

1) The moment you commit to working with a transformational coach, you set and intention to make positive change – the results you create in your life depend on the quality and clarity of your intention. A coach will help you connect to your true desires and get clear on what you really want.

2) Your coach will help you dream bigger than you can alone by helping you stop any negative thinking or limiting beliefs that may hold you back from going for your goals

3) When you share your dreams with your coach you access deeper parts of your imagination and are able to explore how it would feel to already be, do and have all the things you wish to create in your life. This is an empowering experience and helps you take the inspired action required to help move you forward.

4) Your coach will hold you accountable to the challenges you set yourself, taking you outside of your comfort zone so that you can step into your true power and share more of yourself authentically with the world.

5) Whether you are taking small steps or giant leaps forward, your coach will be by your side to celebrate and your success – helping you gain competence and confidence, and ensuring you keep moving forward in the direction of your dreams.

Even the smallest action can be enough to act as a catalyst for change - whether that action is how positively we choose to think our next thought, how purposefully we breathe our next breath or the way in which we express ourselves with our next step. Starting with small steps we gain confidence and competence – allowing us to take bigger and bigger steps towards our dreams. The more action we take, the more our confidence and competence grows and before we know it we can find ourselves being, doing and having much more in our lives than we initially imagined.

All great things have come as a result of one initial decision to honour that single moment and make it a new beginning.

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