About me

Hello, I am Sam, an ACC accredited coach and ANFT Forest Therapy Guide.

My coaching style is compassionate, intuitive and honest. I focus on bringing out the wholeness of you, whatever situation you are currently in.

Coaching is a positive, forward-focused process, with each session driven by your needs. We work together visualising, planning, creating and taking action. You are at the forefront of every session. You will be fully listened to without judgement.

Nature is an important part of our journey together. We'll work with my unique nature model to inspire change and growth. From laying fertile ground and rooting your purpose, to unfurling your vision and flourishing in new light, we'll create the conditions for natural transformation.

Wherever we can, I encourage at least some sessions to take place outside, as this is where people access a deeper level of awareness, openness and clarity. These can be 'walk and talk' sessions, sitting in a park or coaching combined with forest therapy. We can also meet in a cafe, office or online - wherever you feel most comfortable and able to focus.

To get the most from coaching, it works best in blocks of sessions staggered over a period of weeks or months. By investing in yourself, we can explore what you want but have possibly never had the freedom or opportunity to embrace, or perhaps the courage and conviction to say it out loud.

What’s most important is finding the right connection with your coach. If the right chemistry is present, you will experience a much deeper transformation.

If you are feeling curious for more send me a note to arrange a call.

My back-story

Before training as a coach, I worked in the corporate sector for 12 years. Much of that time was spent travelling and living abroad, navigating the complexities of relocation, and adapting to different cultures, energies and landscapes. While each major change in location came with positive opportunities, I also encountered infinite transitions across my professional and personal life, including the trauma of recurrent miscarriages and significant health events. What I learnt through these experiences was the importance of connection – connection with self and the things that ground you. Coaching for me was a life changer personally and professionally and I am fortunate to now be able to partner people through change, creating their life by design.

Together we are stronger

Who I work with:

Private clients: I work with private clients across the UK and sometimes abroad in a number of different ways to get the most out of their investment. With new clients, I ask for a commitment of an initial four to six months of coaching, with sessions taking place on average every three to four weeks.

Let's connect and have a discovery chat to see what you need most.

Corporate Collaborations: Having had a successful corporate career in a multi-national organisation, I’m well placed to support clients that want to focus on any aspect of their professional life. I work with individuals who want to: develop their career, strengthen their confidence, change direction or improve work-life balance.

I liaise with HR, L&D and other corporate teams to support the professional development and wellbeing of their employees.

When an employee feels heard and valued, an organisation is working at a higher vibration. This can lead to a boost in sense of purpose and wellbeing, offering space for inspiration and innovation, leading to increased focus, productivity and motivation.

In addition to coaching, I also offer Private, Public and Corporate Forest Therapy experiences.

Ready to raise the energy at work? Let’s talk

Events and Courses:

In synchrony with the seasons I run regular workshops, day retreats and LIVE online group coaching courses. The in-person events are often located within the beautiful countryside of Hertfordshire.

For more information on my services, client testimonials on my various services, blogs and resources please visit my website on: https://www.naturaledgecoachinguk.co.uk

Training, qualifications & experience

  • ACC Accredited Coach with the International Coaching Federation
  • Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice.
  • Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guide
  • 12 years in large multinational company managing global teams.
  • 7 years living abroad in a number of countries.
  • Certificate in Permaculture Design

Other areas of coaching I deal with

Relocation - particularly the partners of the relocation.
Transition - when 'it' doesn't quite feel right, don't let it fester, don't bury it, take the brave step and say it out loud and work up a plan together.

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Additional information

I am here to help those who connect with me and price should not stop this, call me to have a discovery chat where we can discuss this in more detail.


I work to best fit you. I can offer occasional evening coaching slots.

Further information

Other experiences:

Guided Forest Therapy Walks for Corporates or Private.

A guided forest therapy walk is essentially a slow and mindful walk through the forest, never walking far, it is not a hike. Participants are gently guided through a series of invitations to explore the surroundings with all of their senses. It is a beautiful experience and a must for any self care package. Participants leave relaxed, calm, restored and rejuvenated. To date people have been amazed by the positive impact it has on their wellbeing.

"Thank you so much Sam for an absolutely incredible forest walk today and for introducing us to the wonders of forest therapy. We felt safe, supported and challenged. You opened our eyes and our awareness. Your gentle, warm and engaging approach invited us in - purposeful with a beautiful lightness of touch. There were lovely surprises at every stage - and the tea at the end just beautiful. Thank you"


Type of session

In person

Key details

We do not use a premises, we can meeting in locations which suit the clients needs.