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About me

I can help you to get to wherever it is that you want to go.  Whether it’s your next career move, starting or expanding your own business, writing that book, losing weight/being healthier, fulfilling the dream of a lifetime, or doing whatever else it is that’s meaningful to you, I can guide and support you to get there.

I commit to helping you to:

·     Clarify your goal, break it down in to manageable steps
·     Develop a clear, achievable action plan
·     Understand your ‘why’ to keep your motivation high
·     Understand and overcome self-limiting beliefs or negative self-talk
·     Address issues of anxiety or ‘fear of failure’
·     Boost your confidence to succeed
·     Build your resilience and therefore overcome setbacks
·     Stay focussed and committed to achieving your goal
·     Take control of your destiny
·     Take care of your own wellbeing during the process

My approach is a unique combination of psychological tools and techniques that are proved to help top performers to succeed in their goals, and coaching skills which put YOU at the centre of the work, and empower you to fulfil your potential.

So if you want a companion on this journey who will challenge and support you in equal measures, get in touch!

Training, qualifications & experience

I have worked as a sport and exercise psychologist for many years, and now use this expertise in my work as a coach. I also train and supervise other coaches, and was the Programme Leader for one of the biggest coach training Masters courses in the country. I currently lead on the professional development of coaching psychologists within the British Psychological Society.

Qualifications and professional accreditation

Chartered Psychologist with British Psychological Society
Registered Practitioner Psychologist with Health Care Professions Council
Register of Coaching Psychologists (British Psychological Society)
PhD in Psychology
1st Class Honours degree
Certificate in Coaching Psychology
Level A & B certification in psychometrics (ability and personality)
Certificate in Brief Solution Focused Therapy
Certificate in Motivational Interviewing
Certificate in Positive Psychology
Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Other areas of coaching I deal with

Team coaching - helping teams to communicate and work together more effectively

Working groups - helping groups to find innovative solutions to complex problems

Strengths coaching using Strengthscope - understand what your signature strengths are and how to use them to achieve your goals.

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Weekdays 7am-9pm

Weekends by arrangement

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"Having had my coaching sessions with Marie, I have a much clearer focus on where i want to go. Her affable relaxed approach helped me to open up and feel comfortable discussing my plans (and oftentimes neurosis). Loved that I was able to access the mind of a qualified psychologist. Thanks to our sessions I feel more in control, decisive and am actually able to visualise my 5 year plan and take the steps forward" Cass, London

"I enrolled in coaching with Marie when I entered a time of uncertainty and instability in my career. In our time together, Marie helped me to find clarity, direction and enthusiasm. During our regular meetings, Marie focused the conversation to establish the root issues and then guided me to finding my own resolutions. Her friendly and positive attitude, her sound advice and her extensive knowledge meant that each session was valuable, educational and empowering. I truly appreciate Marie’s work with me and I would heartily recommend her to anyone in need of motivation and support." Darcy, London

"I approached Marie, because I wanted to change my career direction and was given the opportunity to see a Life Coach within my organisation. Marie really helped me to structure and break-down my overall goal into smaller targets. The result was that I managed to achieve my goal within 12 months and move into a position within my chosen sector. Marie was very personable and knowledgeable and I found the experience extremely enjoyable and productive. I would recommend Marie to anyone who is thinking about a career change and requires the advice and direction to achieve this." Mike, Southampton

"Marie has helped me focus on the priorities in my life and gain perspective. She has helped me find the skills within myself to deal successfully with problems and anxiety as they arise. I am now more aware of 'enjoying the moment' and worry less about things that are unimportant to me.
Having coaching was one of the most rewarding things I have done and I would highly recommend Marie to anyone who would like to get more out of their life personally and professionally." Val, Southampton

Structured one off sessions available:

Identifying Strengths - 2 hours - £260
Do you know what your strengths are? Do you know how to make the most of them in order to make a positive difference to your life, work or relationships? Take an online strengths questionnaire (Strengthscope) and then attend this insightful session to not only understand what your strengths are, but to help you to understand how to use them to get the results you want. Understanding your strengths can help you to manage and overcome problems, improve your relationships and enhance your overall wellbeing. You can learn how to develop some of the strengths that you underplay, dial down the strengths that you sometimes overplay, and understand how your strengths interplay with the strengths of those around you.

Personality Psychometrics - 2 hours - £255
Take an online personality questionnaire (NEO PI-3), and then let's spend an hour helping you to make sense of the results and working out how you can use the information to improve your life, work or relationships. There are no good or bad personalities, and this service can help you to understand (and accept!) the impact of your personality on your attitudes, emotions and behaviours, and help you to manage yourself better in your relationships with others.

This is also a really useful service for people who are applying for a job and have been told that they will be expected to complete a personality questionnaire as part of the recruitment process. It will give you an insight in to what it measures and how the results are interpreted before you do it for real!

Goal-setting - 2 hours - £200
If you have a clear understanding of where you need to get to, but are just not sure how, then this session is perfect for you.   Effective goal-setting has consistently been shown to improve the likelihood of achieving your goal. Together we can negotiate the steps that you need to take to reach your ultimate goal, make sure that they are realistic and achievable, agree a realistic timeline, and establish how you are going to measure your progress. This will help to increase focus, motivation, confidence and commitment to your goal, and ultimately improve your chances of being successful.

Managing stressful situations - 2 hours - £200
Are you currently dealing with a challenging situation either at work or in your personal life? Is it creating a barrier for you, sapping your time and energy and making you unhappy? Based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, this 2 hour session will help you to pinpoint exactly which aspect of the problem is causing you the most difficulty, understand the associated emotions, behaviours and thoughts, consider how these contribute to the issue, and identify what you are able to do differently in order to be more effective in that situation. This will help you to make better decisions, gain greater control and become more confident in dealing with the situation in future

Self and time management - 1 hour plus preparation tasks and takeaway tools - £100
Do you feel like there are not enough hours in the day to do all of the things that you need to do? Do you crave more time to spend with your family or on yourself? Do you procrastinate, or struggle to work in an organised and focused way? This session will provide you with some practical tools to help you to manage your time and yourself more effectively. You will be sent some tasks to do before we meet, and then discuss them and decide on the most useful tools for you to take away and try.

Business coaching and leadership development
Staff coaching, leadership development programmes and staff development sessions also available- please contact me for further details



Type of session

In person
Home visits


Dr Marie Stopforth

Dr Marie Stopforth