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About me

Hi, I am Lila and here is a little something about me,

I have been in the field of personal development since 2005 and I firstly qualified and worked as a psychotherapist before being accredited and working as a Holistic Life Coach. Prior to this, however, I worked internationally within large corporations throughout Europe. Life hasn't always been plain sailing for me, where both Eastern and Western theories and practices have been very helpful for my personal growth. As a Holistic or mind, body and soul coach is great to connect with my life purpose, which is: to help people connect with themselves, bring out what they are truly about and help them thrive in life.

The mind, body and soul are connected and always work together. These are important aspects of my work as a Holistic Life Coach, and when we work together one of the underlying aims will be to move more towards wholeness,  and not living a fragmented or distorted life. Often if one area of your life doesn't work well, for example, your career, it can affect all other parts of your life such as your relationships, thoughts (being worried) and purpose.

You could lead a more balanced,  stress-free and happy life with my Holistic approach.

Do you recognise the below?

  • You are overwhelmed with feelings and going through a divorce, or thinking of a divorce or just had a divorce
  • You are confused and don't really know where to start or what to do because your relationship isn't working and considering leaving your partner or breaking up
  • Your mind is in overdrive, overthinking and you don't know how to stop it
  • You don't feel good about yourself or your self-worth and don't think you are good enough for anything or anybody
  • You are in an interracial, intercultural or mixed-raced relationship where communication isn't effective and experience a communication breakdown
  • You are fed up being alone, or lonely, and want to meet the love of your life but don't know what's holding you back or why it's not happening for you
  • You have a good career, home and relationships but you still feel unfulfilled, and wonder why life still feels 'empty', 'lonely' or 'meaningless'
  • You don't know what your life purpose is or what your next career is and frustrated to go from job to job without much satisfaction
  • You are struggling with your body image, want to lose weight and have tried lots of things but nothing seems to help
  • You want to live a more healthy, nutritious and balanced life but don't know where to start
  • You experience an identity crisis as a multicultural/multilingual individual
  • You experience stress and anxiety and don't know what's causing it

We've all got goals and dreams we strive to achieve, no matter how big or small, regardless of our cultural background, ethnicity, class, profession, single or married. However, difficulties and stressors in life can make us feel stuck and unmotivated. As a result, it can cause anxiety, stress, and worries. These can make you feel powerless, which in essence, you are not.

My approach is unique. I use powerful methods and techniques, which I gained through my work as a mind, body and soul coach and psychotherapist. Through these, I found my own permanent solutions to stress, anxiety, worries, and being on top of challenging circumstances. Working with me will enable you to get to the root cause of any obstacle standing between you, leading a stress-free life and moving forward. You can feel more free, confident, focused and ready to take on any challenge with my Holistic approach.

Reaching out for help is the right thing to do when you feel stuck and stagnant in life. Book a free chat with me today, without any obligations!

Book your free 45 minutes consultation with me here: https://www.ramsahaiwellbeing.com/contact-us/

Training, qualifications & experience

  • MA degree in Intercultural Communication (Identity-Culture & Language) -University of Surrey
  • BSc. degree in Integrative Counselling: University of Surrey
  • Accredited Wellbeing Life Coach
  • Psychotherapist, since 2005
  • Experience working with adult males, females and couples
  • Anthony Robbins Personal Development Training: 2005-2010
  • Membership with the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) and the Association for Coaching (AC) in the UK

Member organisations


Association for Coaching

The Association for Coaching is one of the leading professional bodies for Coaches and Organisations.

The Association is made up of a number of different membership categories, e.g. Associate Member (AMAC), Member (MAC), Accredited Member (AC Accred), with the different categories standing for different levels of training and experience. Accredited Members have achieved a substantial level of training and experience approved by the Association.

The Association has a Code of Ethics & Good Practice and a Complaints Procedure.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

Especially when you find yourself at a 'crossroad' in life (where crucial decisions have to be made), Life Coaching or Therapy can be the tools to assist you, so you can make the right choices. Clients often discuss the below in my session too. Do you recognize any of the following situations? Why not have a chat?


You struggle to know who you really are and others' opinions are important to you. You often please others and neglect your own needs. You want to become stronger so you don't lose out on your own goals and dreams. Your self-esteem is low and it's difficult to ask for help.


You have lots of goals and dreams but lack the motivation to start or you may have started but given up halfway through because you lack confidence or self-belief to carry on or you find the current pandemic quite depressing and lack trust to start anything but realize quite well you need help if you want to succeed.

Health Coaching

You are not happy with your body and in need of a big change. You want to tackle your overweight which you also gained during the lockdown due to Covid-19. It's not just the body you are concerned about but you also considering adopting a healthier lifestyle i.e interested in good nutritious food, changing diets, keep fit and maintaining healthy relationships etc. This is a big project for you and you are ready to reach out for help.

Personal Development

You understand that personal growth and personal development are vital to becoming an all-round success in life often encompasses all three aspects- body, mind and soul. You've always invested in yourself in terms of growth and want to reach much higher levels in your personal development and ready to embark on that journey.

Some additional areas of experience are:

Dealing with life changes - for example, Covid-19* At a cross-road in life / mid-life crisis/menopause * Relationship issues * Divorce * Body image* Overeating * Comfort eating * Under eating * Body dysmorphia * Loss of Identity * People pleasing *Lack of confidence * Feeling overwhelmed * Exhausted * Worried all the time * Low energy *Lethargic * Procrastination * Empty nest syndrome * Suicidal thoughts * Not feeling good about life * No sense of meaning to life (meaninglessness) * Angst * Dread * Purposeless * Infidelity * Betrayal of trust * Issues with intimacy in relationships * Debts and financial issues * Death & Mortality * Spirituality * Religion * Culture * Identity Crisis * Multilingualism & Identity* Shame* Guilt * Anxiety* Stress * Abandonment * Childhood memories * Depression * Extrasensory--perception (ESP) * Kundalini awakening.

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From £90.00 to £110.00
Free initial telephone or online session

Additional information

FREE: 45 minutes discovery call/consultation

Book your free 45 minutes consultation (telephone or Zoom only) with me here: https://www.ramsahaiwellbeing.com/contact-us/ 

Why not try a starter Holistic Life Coaching package of 3 hours plus additional email support, with a 15% discount!


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Spaces available in daytime and evenings, call to discuss as it changes weekly. Thank you.

Further information


Sessions are online via a video call or by telephone, depending on which you find comfortable and more convenient. Since June 2021 meetings are also held Face to Face (with Government guidelines in place).

A quote that is close to my heart:

Life doesn't get easier, you just get stronger!


Marcus - "I wasn't sure about being coached but knew that I needed to talk with a professional. I came across Lila's profile and after the first telephone contact (which was free for 30 min) I decided to take up 6 sessions with her. I had a rough idea of the areas I wanted to work on such as my weight (quite overweight), divorce and issues with infidelity. Lila was really able to get to the bottom of some of my persisting issues and we worked very hard in the sessions. With her help, I was able to find some clarity in my messy life.  The 'homework' she further gave me helped to ease my stress and anxiety at home. I still continue with journaling my thoughts and feelings (which was one of my homework) and have noticed to feel very relieved afterwards. I hope to take some more sessions again with Lila'

Sharon - "Lila's sessions helped me a lot when I was having a relationship breakdown just before the lockdown. The sessions helped me to understand the reasons behind the breakdown and why I remained so long in an emotionally abusive relationship with my then-boyfriend. Lila's sessions gave me the strength and courage to choose for myself and to accept myself as I am. Thank you Lila!'

Type of session

In person

Types of client

Older adults

Key details

Due to Covid-19: sessions are online through Zoom (video call), telephone or Face to Face (since June 2021). Bundled sessions include email support too.

Languages offered


Online platforms



Lila Ramsahai- MA, BSc., Holistic Life Coach/Empowering You to Achieve & Thrive

Lila Ramsahai- MA, BSc., Holistic Life Coach/Empowering You to Achieve & Thrive