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— Loss & Anxiety Coach — I give you the time that you need!
Available for new clients
Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

Bridport DT6 & Cirencester GL7
Available for new clients
Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

About me

Are you Anxious? Stressed? Overwhelmed?

I teach tools to help you manage these symptoms

I am more than a life coach, I am an educator and a therapist!

As an educator I first teach tools to help you regain control of your state. Then look at the triggers and causes and deal with them through coaching and therapy.

I give clients the opportunity to view their life from a different perspective and empower them with the choice of change to create the life that they want to live.

My name is Dulcie James, I am a trained NLP* Master Practitioner and a an Advanced Certified Grief Recovery Specialist based near Cirencester, Gloucestershire, I help you make sense of your world, giving you more choice and improved communication skills to understand yourself and others better. A values session in itself is very revealing, clients gain insight of what is important to them and gives clarity through coaching at how by honouring these can enrich their lives.

Is you life not working out as you want it to be?

Book today to have a meet me appointment free from charge.

This is an opportunity to discuss what is going on for you and hear how I work.

Testimonial quote:

“I am now free from fear and anxiety
and am confidently stepping into
the meaningful life I was dreaming of” - see more below

I charge per session and give clients the time that they need to help them move forward.

Ready for change? let's get started today - here's how I work:

  • First session is information gathering, and I teach some state management tools
  • Then we look at what is keeping you stuck
  • Next we explore where the anxiety or negative thoughts came from
  • Once you are in a positive place we work on self awareness and confidence building looking at values and abilities/strengths/qualities.
  • Finally exploring a more compelling future

As a Grief Recovery Specialist I work on a one-one basis and take clients through the Grief Recovery Programme. We have all experienced loss of some kind in our life, death of a loved one or divorce or pet loss may come to mind. In fact there are over 40 other different Life events that give intangible and painful loss, such as redundancy - gives no loss of identity, loss of status and financial stability. A happy occasion of marriage also creates loss - loss of identity, loss of freedom, and so on. The Grief Recovery Method will help for loss of trust, loss of faith, loss of freedom, loss of friends. When someone is grieving life loses all order, the change in a familiar pattern of behaviour causes us pain, the grief recovery method is a structured program.

We are all Grievers
Whether your grief is caused by a death or another loss, incomplete relationships can have a negative impact on your capacity for happiness. Recovery from loss is achieved by series of small and correct choices made by the Grievers.

As a grief recovery specialist I help you to complete your relationship to the pain, isolation and loneliness caused by significant emotional loss. While death and divorce may seem to be the most obvious losses, the program is designed to work with the other 40 different life events that produce feelings of grief.

The programme consists of 7 one-to-one sessions that leads to the completion of all the undelivered communication. It is different from intellectual discovery as it works with the heart, not the head. It will provide you with the tools to deal with loss and requires a commitment for the full number of sessions as the process is sequential.

The first step is yours by taking a decision to move from Grief to Recovery and move to a place where life has a new meaning, where your memories are intact and you are free to move forward.

Recovery from loss does not mean that memories are forgotten, they are with you for always. It is the pain of the loss that you say goodbye to.

As a Grief recovery specialist I am with you all the way as a heart with ears because grievers need to be heard.

Testimonials - Here are what my clients say:

“I was locked in a life of fear and sadness,
frozen by anxiety”!
The day I saw Dulcie’s advert has turned out to be one of the most significant days of my life. At the time I was locked in a life of fear and sadness, frozen by anxiety and desperate to escape. l was dreaming of living a meaningful life without being fearful and anxious all the time, I just didn’t know how to set myself free.

Dulcie has guided me out of anxiety and fear with patience, understanding and non-judgmental support. The techniques she uses combined with her happy and caring nature are nothing short of a miracle.

“I am now free from fear and anxiety and am confidently stepping into the meaningful life I was dreaming of” !

I had tried many other forms of help, none of which got to the core of the problem. Dulcie has a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as a heart of gold, she has used these gifts to guide me to where it all began and back again. I am now free from fear and anxiety and am confidently stepping into the meaningful life I was dreaming of. Thank you Dulcie.  Miss k

“the techniques you used with me transformed my life”!

Following 5 years of distressing flashbacks after a traumatic experience, I took the biggest leap of faith. Within 30 minutes, the techniques you used with me transformed my life. Dulcie, your help and expertise has been the single most helpful life event I have encountered and I’m so grateful to you.

“I no longer live life in recurrent fear,  sadness and pain”

I no longer live life in recurrent fear, sadness and pain. Dulcie, you have transformed the quality of my life. I will be forever grateful. When my romantic life wobbled, I came back to see Dulcie, as she’d earned my trust.

With grace, intuition, wisdom and a little challenge, you helped me understand myself using your values exercises. At 57 I thought I knew myself pretty well, but our work has given me increased insight, clarity and confidence. My new knowledge has changed me...and I like it! Thank you for all you do in kindness and without judgment.    Miss J

“...my fear of my health was all that consumed my mind..”

When I came to Dulcie I was in a very bad place. My health anxiety and complete lack of confidence had controlled my life for almost 7 years. I could barely function in relationships or in day to day life. Sometimes I found myself endlessly starring at the ceiling trapped inside my house wondering if I was ever going to be able to leave.

Looking back on it now I feel so much lighter. Dulcie has given me the tools and allowed me to find the inner strength to beat the voice in my head telling me I'm not worth it. The voice hounded me and made me worry continuously.

“Time to stop worrying and start living again!!”

I am now in a strong loving relationship and I feel so much more confident. Where as before my fear of my health was all that consumed my mind I now see a future for me. I am truly grateful for the time Dulcie spent with me and the extra help she has offered me at all times during the process.

Sometimes you believe you’re all alone fighting this, and once you allow yourself to be helped, you realise you were never alone. I can never express my gratitude for where Dulcie has helped me to reach in my life. Time to stop worrying and start living again!!         - Mr D

Training, qualifications & experience

I am an NLP Master Practitioner

Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist

Diploma in Eating Disorder Practitioner skills

Mental Health First Aider

I have trained sales teams both in retail and out in the field. I have had some CBT training and hold a Cruise Bereavement Certificate.

I constantly attend training courses to further enhance my expertise.

I give educational talks on anxiety and grief

I have worked with the homeless, gaining much insight to their plight

Other areas of coaching I deal with

I specialise in Loss and Anxiety Coaching, in particular with the what I call the "what if" syndrome where clients fixate on all that they do not want causing them much anxiety. I work with clients who have fears and phobias.

I also work with "loss" there are over 40 different types of events including loss of trust or loss of faith or redundancy which includes loss of financial security, loss of confidence and loss of faith! This then cause responses such as anxiety, anger and sadness and pain.

Although grief is the normal reaction to loss, the vast majority of what we have learnt about how dealing with loss is not natural and is not helpful.

I give educational talks on anxiety and grief

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£95.00 per session
Free initial in-person session

Additional information

£95 per Face to Face session lasting up to 2 hours.
(Plus you receive an email with comprehensive notes from the session)
£95 per Zoom session
£60 per Top up telephone session (60 minutes)
Blocks of 4 session can be pre booked at £320 ie £80 each

When I work

You can contact me by telephone, email or text, I am there for you, I look forward to hearing from you.

Further information

These are more than coaching sessions - they are an investment in you.
Coaching sessions are very relaxed and clients never feel rushed. Sessions are fun and at times challenging, with a new learning with each session. I have been described as an organic coach likened to a warm and cosy armchair, with my training and experience I instinctively know what a client needs.

(Book a FREE Discovery appointment)

Do you feel that you have:
Lost your way? Lost your identity? Lost your direction?
Coaching program to get you back in touch with ‘living’!

Dump your old baggage & heal those wounds

How well do you know you? What makes you tick?

Been doing the job for years and feel stuck in a rut?

Anxiety & Stress is a negative process and is self fulfilling and goes round and round until your main focus is on negative thoughts and fixations. Your inner voice continues to drown the voice of reason, prevents you from making plans and living! It can destroy relationships, upset families leaving you distraught and tired and lonely. I specialise in anxiety and help clients manage their stress, deal with the triggers and finally move forward.

Work related stress I coach and resolve work related stress. Working individually with clients I aim to restore their focus, instilling confidence and with renewed positive energy, which puts them back on track.

Fears and Phobias Can interfere with our lives and limit our choices. They may have started years ago and over time manifest themselves as very real frightening constraints on our life. I can help you reduce that fear until it is at a more sensible level. Clients feel free and relieved at the outcome.

I also offer support to families and sufferers from Eating Disorders

I give educational talks on anxiety and grief

Charmouth, Bridport, DT6

Cirencester, Glos, GL7

Type of session

In person
Dulcie James
Dulcie James