Virtual coaching supervision group

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Open to all
£90 + vat per person

Annabel Graham and Barbara Capstick established their supervision group in 2019 as a reflective forum where coaches from any discipline or experience could meet to reflect on their practice.

This is an open group, which meets six times a year, allowing members to book as regularly as their practice demands.


We believe that supervision is vital to coach development. Supervision offers time and space for the coach to reflect and develop insight into their coaching practice so that they can grow as a coach. Like coaching, supervision is a process designed to serve the needs of the coach, who will identify and bring with them topics and areas for discussion with the
group members.


As coaching supervisors we work with individual coaches and groups of coaches, to co-create a safe and supportive environment where the coaching work can be explored, reflected upon and where fresh insights and learning can take place.


The group meets every two months. All sessions are virtual via Zoom. This is an open group, so coaches sign up on a first-come first-served basis and can attend as many as they wish.

Each session will be in a group environment where up to six people share and reflect on their practice with others.

Sessions are three hours in length and cost £90+VAT per session per person.

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Hosted by Annabel Graham

Annabel Graham & Barbara Capstick are qualified Coaching Supervisors who have been running face to face and virtual supervision groups for the past 5 years. Supervision is vital to coach development, offering time & space for the coach to reflect & develop insight into their practice so that they can develop.

Hosted by Annabel Graham