Finding your Ikigai: One day workshop

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7th June 2022, 9.45am - 4.30pm
Open to all
Culloden Estate & Spa, 142 Bangor Road, Holywood, BELFAST, BT18 0EX

Regaining perspective & finding new enthusiasm for life

  • Has life shaken you up over the past two years?
  • Do you feel lost or confused?
  • Are you ready to reboot your life?

If any of these apply, then this informative and practical workshop is for you.

About this workshop

The past two years have disrupted all our lives and many have been left with questions about what to do next. Many are feeling disorientated, deskilled, unsettled or simply wondering what to do next.

Whether you have faced financial pressures, health concerns, role changes, retirement, redundancy or any other significant losses or changes, now is the time to invest in yourself and regain a sense of optimism and control over your own future.

By the end of this one day workshop, you will have

  • gained a fresh, optimistic perspective for your own life
  • identified your top three non-negotiable priorities for change
  • created meaningful choices for yourself and your future
  • decided your immediate next steps for the short term that will influence your long term in positive ways
  • learned new habits to help you re/direct your own life with confidence
    become curious about finding your ‘Ikigai’ (your ‘reason to get out of bed in the morning’)

How will this workshop be delivered?

  • In-person in luxurious surroundings where everyone can feel safe & relaxed, with refreshments and light lunch included.
  • Restricted numbers so everyone can participate fully and will benefit from personalised attention as well as from being part of a small group experience.
  • Worksheets provided to take notes on the day and to bring home for your use with future exercises or journaling.
  • Led by Michelle who has supported people through difficult challenges in life for over four decades and who will lead the group sensitively, competently and always with compassion.
  • Experienced support team in the room for additional help and guidance. 

What will the workshop include?

Introducing a range of practical strategies, informed by a unique combination ancient wisdom & contemporary science, this workshop will:

  • Draw on the principles for the Japanese art of Kintsugi (read more here) to demonstrate how we can recover after challenging times.
  • Introduce the Japanese concept of Ikigai (‘reason to get out of bed in the morning’) to help us discover a renewed purpose for life.
  • Explore evidence-based, solution-focused approaches to dealing with the times in life when we are faced with tough personal challenges and uncertainties.
  • Apply trauma-informed principles to help us process the impact of recent global events.
  • Share practical strategies to help us make confident decisions about the actions that will lead to the most desired, positive and lasting changes.
  • Offer an overview of additional approaches that are used in response to a wide range of emotional and mental health needs, with an understanding of which of these can make the greatest impact in your own life.

Places are limited to provide everyone with a personalised, unique and memorable experience, and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Hosted by Michelle McMaster

Michelle has studied Kintsugi with an 83yr old Japanese Master, who gave her a deep understanding of how to apply the process of thoughtful repair to human pain & brokenness. Those insights, combined with the study of modern neuroscience and many years experience in mental health & trauma recovery inspired her to create Kintsugi Healing.


Hosted by Michelle McMaster

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