Change your job with confidence

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Change your job with confidence is an online video that leads you through a series of units as if you were being coached face to face but at a fraction of the cost! You will complete activities that build to help you identify a job you really enjoy, find rewarding and reflects your true ability.

By the end of the course you will be;

  • Able to identify the key things you want from a job and the types of job that will suit you.
  • Confident in your ability, skills, and knowledge, allowing you to confidently apply for, and have a greater chance of securing your ideal job.
  • Be able to use techniques to keep you confident even during an interview!
  • Clearly explain your key strengths and transferable skills and you will have statements that can be used in interviews and applications.
  • Be competent at completing a gap analysis and know what areas you need to develop to get your ideal job.
  • Have a plan to follow to get your ultimate job.
  • Take advantage of speaking to an experienced career coach that can answer any of your questions. 

Unlock what you really want from a job and make the most of your true ability and stop listening to those negative voices.

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Hosted by Jacky Matthews

I'm Jacky and I have developed this online course as a result of working with many people over the years that were in jobs that they really didn't enjoy and they were too good for. I have worked in Education for over 20 years and been a coach for over 14 years, this course brings together all that experience that I want to pass on to you.

Hosted by Jacky Matthews