Introducing mindfulness into the workplace

1. You might spend most of the day at 100 miles per hour, jumping from one task to another. This tends to result in you forgetting things, which leads to not completing tasks or not turning up for meetings on time. So it’s no wonder that we end up feeling so tired at the end of the day! Multitasking is a hard skill to master, but employing mindfulness will enable you to be fully involved with each event as it unfolds, resulting in a calmer mind and increased productivity.

Introducing mindfulness into the workplace

2. Mindfulness can help you deal with conflict as it focuses on emotional intelligence in some of its practices. When you stand back from a situation you gain more perspective and you gain the ability to self-regulate your actions. You will become more compassionate – it also rubs off onto people you work with too.

3. If you dwell on the mistakes you make earlier in the day, it can make you dread going into work the next day. Mindfulness can help alleviate that stress. It allows emotions to pass rather that stick with you, avoiding a negative outcome. When we stop dwelling on mistakes, we are ready to face the day ahead.

4. Eating at your desk is not only bad for your digestion and your colleagues, it also means that you don’t get a break from work. Typically if you eat at your own desk, you are more likely to experience the dreaded afternoon slump. Instead, join someone for lunch or simply take a walk. A break from your working environment can leave you fresh to face the afternoon challenges.

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Written by Ross East

Written by Ross East

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