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Improve your work/life balance with these tips

Try not to work every evening

Improve your work/life balance with these tips

When it hits five o’clock, it used to mean it was time to leave. But in many workplaces now, you are expected to work longer to complete an ever-expanding workload. Also with the development of technology, when you are ill, on holiday or working from home, you will never be disconnected from the office.

Even if it’s part and parcel of your work culture to log in every evening, try to avoid it one or two evenings a week and see what happens. Take the time after work to relax and focus on your home life. If your work is really that important, you’ll get a phone call. Don’t feel obliged to work every hour of every day.

Avoid checking your work communications when you are not at work

This can be very tough. Some of us will use our devices (smartphones, laptops etc.) for both home and work use. So even when you’re not planning to do any work, you will still receive work email notifications that may spark you into a state of worry. Combining work and home life means that you will find it very hard to totally switch off from you job.

The best way to deal with this situation is to cut the cord. Tell your colleagues that the best way to reach you after office hours is by phone, otherwise you won’t be available. This may be a scary thought, but it really isn’t. If people really need you, they will phone you… they won’t simply send you an email and leave it at that.

Treat your weekends like a holiday

Weekends give you time to rest and recover, so try not to waste them! Set a time, say 5pm on a Friday, when you stop working and start the weekend. Also try to resist using Sunday nights to get a head-start on the week. Enjoy your Sunday evening and come in on Monday feeling refreshed.

Remember to give yourself a break

Yes, some jobs do require you to work extended hours and even through weekends. But you should always try to get that time back. If you’ve had a busy few weeks because of your latest product launch, plan a few days after to rest and recover. Some organisations will take everything you give them but not give anything back. Take some time back for yourself when it makes sense. This will help improve your work/life balance.

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Written by Ross East

Written by Ross East

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