How to flip a bad day on its head!

1. Change your perspective

Why are you losing motivation at work?

Instead of seeing a bad situation as negative, bad, ugly or horrible, try to see it simply as a life lesson. If you change your perception of the experience – whether it will make you smarter, wiser or stronger – you can really turn your day on its head.

2. Take a step back

We tend to put ourselves in our own ‘mental prison’ when something takes a turn for the worse. Often when we’re in this prison, we do nothing but think and sometimes exacerbate the situation in our minds. This increases our stress levels, so the solution is to take a step back from the experience and remove yourself from the ‘thinking zone’. This will hopefully calm you down enough to rationally deal with the situation.

3. Focus on the positives

Evaluate your day and focus on the things that have gone well. If you can’t find anything, you aren’t trying hard enough! There’s always a situation – no matter how small – that will have put a smile on your face, or something that you feel grateful for. Remember that it might take some time, negatives always come to the forefront of your mind first. Stick at it.

4. Put some uplifting music on

There’s no better mood booster than music. Play the music that has the power to make you happy.

5. Be productive

Being productive on a bad day is a good antidote as it keeps your mind busy on other things. You’re focusing on creating, reading, producing and working towards your goals. Nothing else. Aim to be productive, rather than unproductive.

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Written by Ross East

Written by Ross East

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