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How asking questions could be the key to your success

Perhaps you are afraid of overstepping the boundaries of your relationship, scared of rejection or maybe you simply don’t want to be seen as a pest.

How asking questions could be the key to your success

Although there are boundaries in every relationship, and we do cross them from time to time, you might need to examine whether you can find out the answer yourself first, before you ask the question.

Yet most of the ‘burning questions’ need to be asked. So here’s a tip – just ask!

It will feel good

‘It never hurts to ask’ is an enduring cliché for a reason. Typically, people are willing to help colleagues or friends in need – going out of their way to help others. Not only will you feel great for getting the extra help, they will feel be happy that their direct influence has aided you in your situation.

It can strengthen a bond

If the person agrees to help you, you may find that you have developed a friendship or a closer bond. You may actually find that others want you to reach out to them.

It’s wise to ask

Us human beings are social creatures at heart – we are at our best when we are engaging with others. So why should we deprive others of the chance to interact with us? Also, why deprive yourself of getting the answer to your question?

The key to success

The same principles arise in the workplace. We might be afraid that a coworker or boss may interpret a question as a sign of incompetence. But it should be seen as a pathway to improved performance, impressing your team with your inquisitive nature and improving team spirit in the process.

To quote Gandhi: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

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Written by Ross East

Written by Ross East

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