Seven ways to become optimistic

A number of studies have indicated that becoming optimistic has a positive effect on your heart, immune system, brain and you might even live a longer life. But sometimes becoming optimistic is easier said than done.

Introducing mindfulness into the workplace

So here are seven ways to help you become more optimistic:

1. Be grateful for something every day

Celebrate your blessings every day. Make a note of three things you are grateful for – no matter how insignificant they might feel – in your diary or calendar. You can then revisit the list whenever you want to reconnect with the idea of appreciation.

2. Stop judging and start living

Don’t shout at other drivers. Don’t berate the shop assistant if they don’t know where the cereal aisle is. Don’t go bananas if your bus arrives 10 minutes late. You will need to let minor irritations go to become an optimist. Learn to roll with the punches and let the negative feelings go.

3. Look for the silver lining

The optimist tries to look for the silver lining in every situation; they are the glass half full type of people. If you try to find the good in every situation, and learn from the difficulties, the easier you will find it to adapt and bounce back.

4. Keep the faith

Whenever you face a challenge, remember you have made it through life so far, so there’s a great chance that you will make it through your current tough situation.

5. Choose what media you consume wisely

There’s plenty of “noise” in all of our lives, ranging from beautiful photos and inspiring films to upsetting tabloid news stories and videos. So try to set a filter on what you consume, as sometimes it’s just better to retreat from the negativity to stay positive.

6. Try to avoid negative people

Try to stay away from those who are constantly pessimistic. Sure, some pessimism is fine, it can even lighten the mood, but people who are negative all of the time can bring you down. If you encounter a number of pessimists throughout your day, lead by example by sharing your optimism, gently directing conversations to a positive conclusion.

7. Be careful of how you speak to yourself

Self-talk can often be overlooked. Your confidence will increase if your inside thoughts carry a positive message.

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Written by Ross East
Written by Ross East
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