How to bring happiness into your life

We explore a handful of secrets that make people happy.

What really makes people happy? While happiness may be subjective – there are certain things in life that make us all feel better and more uplifted. So what are the secrets of being happy?

Give back

Money is a double-edged sword in terms of happiness. If you have enough money to satisfy your basic needs, you can use it to increase your social standing, or give it away. Happy people tend to use their money in a positive, charitable way by helping others. They feel happy because they are contributing towards a positive cause.

Avoid drama

To be happy, you need to avoid getting caught up in other people’s relationships and what they are saying about each other behind each other’s back. Happy people tend to focus on what they can control themselves. They attend to their own lives, and feel happier because of it.

How to bring happiness into your life

Be grateful

Most happy people are grateful for what they have, without boasting about it. They do not dream about things their neighbour has; and are content with what they have got. Take a few moments to appreciate what you have, as taking things for granted can lead to unhappiness.

Always look on the bright side

Try to be optimistic about all the decisions you make in life, and when things don’t go your way, focus on improvement next time round. It’s easy to dwell on failures, but the key to happiness is to look past them and have faith you will bounce back.

Value your relationships

Putting more effort into on personal relationships rather than obtaining money and career development can increase your happiness. Looking back on life, you won’t necessarily remember what you did in your career, but more the relationships you developed and enjoyed. Try putting people before money in your pursuit for happiness.

If you feel you need a little help on how to increase happiness in your life, you may want to consult a life coach. Find a coach in your area using our advanced search tool.

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Written by Ross East

Written by Ross East

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