Trying to stay healthy? Your office could be your worst enemy

Trying to stay healthy? Your office could be your worst enemyIf you are on a mission for a svelte and slimline figure, or just generally are hoping to lead a healthier lifestyle this summer then going into the office could be your downfall.

Nowadays offices are a hungry persons dream. A big jar of biscuits in the cupboard, a selection of hot but sugary refreshments, birthday cakes for each employee (of which there are many), back from holiday sweeties, a sandwich lady serving bacon butties a cafe serving curries and paninis, a colleague taking orders as they ‘pop’ to the shops, the list goes on!

You may tell yourself you can be strong, but as a race we are biologically programmed to eat whats put in front of us, and according to Professor Peter Rogers from the University of Bristol, some of us are much better at saying no than others.

Research has proven that those in sedentary jobs which involve very little movement are twice as likely to be overweight than someone who moves around at work, with another study finding that workers who sit for most of the day are 54 per cent more likely to die of heart attacks.

If some of the above sounds all too familiar, here are some helpful tips which will help you to battle all of those tempting office treats:

Say no to the office feeder

There is usually one or two individuals in the office who frequently present treats to their colleagues. This is almost always a genuinely kind gesture (and not a case of diet sabotage), so often we feel bad turning the treat down. However, instead of eating something you don’t want or shouldn’t have, simply acknowledge the kind gesture and decline firmly.

Don’t eat at your desk

When at home it’s unlikely we would try to eat our lunch whilst hoovering, washing or going to the toilet, so why do so many people try to multitask at work? Firstly, we are not fully concentrating on our food so the body won’t recognise we are full, and  secondly, it is counterproductive to spend 20 minutes trying to type an email with one hand whilst a sandwich is in the other. Step away from the computer, even if only for five minutes. This will allow you to focus on and enjoy your food so you feel more satisfied and don’t make poor food choices later on in the day.

Professor Rogers says ‘Once you associate an environment with eating, your brain will make the link with food so eating will come to mind whenever you are there.’

The post lunch 3pm slump

Every office worker will know about and dislike this time of day, because it is the time when cravings for high calorie treats are at their strongest. Instead of eating something sugar laden which will only provide a quick hit, try taking a quick stroll which will decrease fatigue. If you can’t get away from your desk then a cup of strong tea or coffee will provide a low calorie boost.

For the full list of tips visit the original Daily Mail article.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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