Seasonal Stress Busters

Some of the industry’s leading psychologists and well-being experts have come up some fantastic tips and advice on how to remain calm and collected this Christmas. Here are our top picks:

Be Fashionably Early
According to Professor Bernardo Carducci of the US Shyness Research Institute, ‘Shy people often slip in late so they won’t be noticed, but by that time it’s too noisy to talk and people have split into groups’. Instead he advises that arriving early is far less stressful as it is easier to meet people and hear what they are saying.

Have a lunch break
If you are out Christmas shopping or busy preparing in other ways then make sure you give yourself a break. Nutritional therapist Marilyn Glenville explains, ‘If you skip a meal or just grab a coffee when you’re busy, your body releases adrenaline, so you feel even more stressed’. You want to be able to enjoy everything that’s going on over Christmas but your body needs fuel in order for you to do this so don’t forget to eat and drink plenty.

Think about what matters
Does having an incredible 5 course Christmas dinner really matter if your family are not there to enjoy it with you? Psychotherapist Andrea Perry advises that thinking about our priorities shows us what to focus on and what to let go. We can’t control everything so let go a little and let the good things happen naturally.

Roll away the headaches
With so much going on over Christmas its no surprise that we get the odd headache. If this is the case then try sitting cross-legged or kneeling, move your head gently to the right, then back to the left, and forward. Do three circles to the right, then three to the left. ‘It not only releases tension in the neck, it also helps to remove calcium deposits in the joints and helps firm a double chin,’ says yoga expert Barbara Currie.

Give yourself time to recover
Hypnotherapist Paul McKenna advises that we build in recovery time as this means more energy and less stress. ‘Once or twice a day, relax all your muscles deeply for five minutes. Remember a time when you felt really good and let the feelings wash over you. Then return to consciousness refreshed, feeling a sense of calm and inner confidence.’

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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