Relaxation tip of the week: Take a bath

It has come to our attention that this weeks press has been featuring rather a lot on the consignment of the bath to the pages of history books.

Findings in a recent poll revealed that one person in six can’t remember the last time they took a bath, so what has happened to send this comforting ritual down the plughole?

In today’s fast paced society we seem to be constantly on the move and the thought of running a bath and having a good old soak would give many palpitations at the thought of all that time wasted and all that water used.

Today we tend to think in ‘shower’ terms as it is simply more practical, convenient, hygienic, less expensive and necessary for the planet’s survival and whilst we wholeheartedly agree that showers are indeed essential on an everyday basis we also think that baths should remain firmly plumbed into all bathrooms.

Showers are for getting ready to move onto the next activity, but why must we always be on the move? A soak in the bath gives us all a little time to be at one with are own thoughts and reflect, after all it is very rare we are in silence nowadays and we have come to underestimate the powerful effect of silent time. Baths are not simply for washing, they are for escaping the rush, noise and stresses of the modern world in a still, soft, warm, solitary and safe environment, a ceremonial event to which the shower could never compare.

So after a long day at work, instead of going home and jumping in the shower, why not run yourself a nice, hot, bubbly bath, pour yourself a glass of wine and sit and soak with your favourite book.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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