Positive thinking has direct health benefits

An article on the Independent website today highlights the benefits of positive thinking, which include living longer and being less likely to get ill.

Various research has been carried out in the US and the UK and has shown that those with a positive demeanour do experience benefits from it. Positive thinkers were almost three times less likely to develop a cold after being exposed to the virus than those who had a more negative outlook, and those who had a positive attitude to ageing could live up to seven years longer.

Whilst it is known that those who suffer from mental health problems such as depression experience negative effects on health, this research proves that the opposite is also true, although researchers and still unclear as to exactly why there is a link.

Dr Suzanne Segerstrom, of the University of Kentucky said: “The more positive people expect their futures to be, the better their mood, the fewer their psychiatric symptoms, and the better their adjustment to diverse situations including pregnancy and cardiac surgery.”

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Written by Memiah

Written by Memiah

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