8 small steps to achieving personal success

Success can mean so many different things to different people; passing an exam with flying colours, becoming a parent for the first time, becoming a homeowner, being more confident or earning a six-figure salary.


Success is a very personal thing but, whatever success might mean to you, if you feel you haven’t managed to achieve what you set out to achieve, you will undoubtedly feel frustrated and as if something is missing in your life.

What is the art of success?

It is often said that success breeds success and having the right attitude is certainly a major part of being successful.

Someone once stated that successful people tend to have the knack of doing things that unsuccessful people don’t like to do. They may not like doing certain things but their strength of purpose becomes higher than their dislike of the task or situation.

It has also been said that it is the fear itself of a certain situation that is worse than the actual situation. However, so many people find it almost impossible to break through the fear barrier and face their demons.

Much of coaching is about asking the right questions, listening and empathising with the client and then devising goals and putting manageable steps in place, in order to make some positive and worthwhile changes.

Personal development

Personal development is the process of focusing on increasing your self-awareness, assessing your life goals, personal challenges, and long-standing aspirations. Through working to develop yourself independently or together with the help of a coach, you can begin to identify the changes you want to see in life, gain a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, and set yourself on the path to achieving personal success. It is only through defining what success means to you that you can begin making progress, moving forward, and achieving what you want. 

Personal success through personal development

1. Have vision

Probably the most important aspect of success is deciding what it is you really want. Clarity and vision about what you are going to achieve will ensure you are focusing your efforts in the right direction.

2. Accept responsibility

This puts you in a position of power and allows you to take control of the situation - rather than letting it take control of you.

3. Develop a positive attitude

Your outlook on life is crucial to your success since what you choose to focus on will become your reality. If you dwell on everything that is wrong in your life, that is all you will be able to find. Adopt the phrase: “positive thoughts will produce positive outcomes.”

4. Ditch the self-limiting beliefs

Fear of failure is drummed into us at a very early age. We condition ourselves to believe that if something didn’t work out once or twice in the past, the same thing will happen again.

5. Believe in yourself

I often share the following quote with clients who have low self-esteem and lack confidence: ‘Don’t overvalue what you are not and undervalue what you are.’

We are prone to undermine our capabilities but don’t settle for less as you are capable of achieving far more than you think.

6. Develop positive relationships

Never underestimate the impact people have on you. Focus on the positive and supportive people you know and meet, and hold back on those who drain your energy.

7. Manage your time effectively

In order to make the best use of your time, you need to have clarity of purpose. Develop systems that work for you and eliminate those that don’t. Easier said than done, but this is where coaching comes into its own!

8. Set goals and commit to them

This is at the heart of any coaching process. List your goals for all areas of your life - work, family, ‘me time’ - and decide what you want to achieve next week, next month, next year. Then, take the most significant step of all - take action!

If you're ready to take action and achieve your goals, use our search tool to find a coach and start your journey today. 

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