7 reasons why you struggle with decision making

Are you one of those people who struggle with making decisions? If so, most likely your head is speaking a different language than your heart. But, who are you going to listen to?

Maybe today your head and tomorrow your heart? Usually, that equates to no progress made and only confusion added.

I believe that humans live from the heart and make choices from the heart. And it is no different when making a decision. The head is rational - no-nonsense - and then the heart starts to whisper.

Which of these do you recognise?

I can’t make a decision because:

1. “I am worried what other people will say about it.” This is a sign of low confidence.

2. “I always want to have the best. There might be something better out there.” You are a perfectionist.

3. “If I get it wrong, I am a failure.” This indicates a lack of self-love.

4. “If I get it wrong, it will be the end of the world.” A sign of a catastrophic thinker.

5. “This might impact me forever.” You have a rigid attitude.

6. “I don’t know what’s best for me.” You don’t really know yourself.

7. “I don’t want to have the responsibility.” You are fearful of stepping into your power.

Once you know what gets in the way when you’re trying to make a decision, you can start to tackle the confusion. Once the confusion has cleared, it will be easier to make the decision.

Of course, there are occasions where we can make rash decisions, or make decisions for the wrong reasons. If you find that this is often the case for you, consider if the following are true for you:

  • I am impatient and any movement is better than no movement.
  • I want my mind to stop racing around in circles.
  • I want to impress others.
  • I want to annoy others.
  • I don’t have to face the consequences.
  • I know what is right in this situation.
  • I know what is right for me.

Decision making is easy when you are self-aware, know what you want and have an internal frame of reference. If decision making is a challenge for you, there are ways to change that. Working with a coach can help you to do this.

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Written by Mariette Jansen
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Dr Mariette Jansen (Dr de-stress) is a psychological coach, using therapy models, coaching techniques and mindfulness meditation to help you become balanced, stress-free and in control of your life. Focus areas are work-life balance, confidence, food/diet stress and general stress.

Author of two books on meditation and exam stress.

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