Writing for well-being | A winter retreat

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As winter calls us to go within, you're invited to cosy up with your journal and take care of you in moments of quiet self-reflection.

Online drop-in journal sessions for creatives, introverts, sensitive souls and spiritual detectives who crave some peace and quiet.

Who is this workshop for?

This winter retreat is for highly sensitive souls (HSPs) who hate meditation but want to relax.

It's also for:

  • introverts and deep thinkers
  • anxious souls and overthinkers
  • creatives and wannabe writers
  • writers with writer's block

If you love to get comfy in your pyjamas and unload your mind, this is for you!

What can I expect?

Join Lisa Parkes, author, intuitive coach and mentor on Zoom for a cosy hour of journaling. Grab your favourite blanket, a cup of tea, and your journal, and get ready to let your thoughts flow. Lisa will provide prompts and exercises to inspire your writing and help you explore your creativity.

Lisa uses free-fall journaling, a powerful technique for unravelling overthinking, stressed, overwhelmed and anxious minds.

The theme of these drop-in classes will be going within to discover your heart's desires. It's an opportunity to release what is no longer needed to make space for the new to come in next year.

During the workshop, you may experience some emotional release - anger, sadness, worry.... all of that is welcome. You don't want to be carrying that around with you all day, every day. You'll also feel inspired, expansive and ready to start 2024 with clarity.

Do I have to be a writer?

This event is open to all levels of writers, from beginners to experts.

What are the benefits of journaling?

Journaling isn't just a quick and easy tool for self-discovery, it's a great way to take care of your emotional and mental well-being. It also:

  • reduces stress and improves your mood
  • grows your self-awareness
  • helps process and release your feelings
  • makes sense of your inner world
  • turns down the volume on your inner critic
  • helps you find your authentic voice
  • taps into your creative and intuitive gifts
  • is an act of self-care

How much does it cost?

Each drop in journal session is £22. The class will not be recorded.

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Hosted by Lisa Parkes

Lisa is an HSP and survivor of C-PTSD. Her approach is intuitive & through the lens of a sensitive soul who is client-centred and compassionate. She is a qualified Life Coach with a decade of real life experience - working in private practice 1:1 with children and their families to heal from generational trauma.