The uses and abuses of hypnosis online webinar

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After a lifetime of studying hypnosis and trance states Ivan Tyrrell, co-developer of the human givens approach to psychotherapy, shares his valuable clear thinking on the topic...

What will you learn: 

  • The difference between hypnosis and trance.
  • The underlying reason why so many different inductions induce trance states.
  • The deepest trance state of all. Nature’s solution to a major problem of the mammalian kingdom.
  • What is beneficial and useful about trancework, such as speeding up treatment for depression, anxiety disorders, addiction, PTSD, pain control, boosting confidence and aiding in the healing physiological damage to the body.
  • The many half-truths put forward by hypnotherapy schools and why great care and integrity are needed to practice because using hypnosis can also abuse and permanently damage people.
  • The harm hypnosis can easily do. The dangers are real for the hypnotist and the hypnotised.
  • Conditioning, cults and manipulation of large groups for dark purposes – all done using hypnosis.
  • ‘The Observing Self’ – the complementary principle to focused trance states.
  • The factors that determine whether using hypnosis will do harm or not.

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