Relationship group - how to make better choices

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£145 for 5 weeks (£29 per week)

You started out in this relationship with new and high hopes. “It would be different this time around”.

But it isn’t - but why? He or she was different, looked different in so many surface ways. Or were they?!

Actually, he or she turned out to be another version of the same person, and you reacted the same and now you are scratching your head and feeling, "I’ve been here before haven’t I?!"

In this relationship-focused group, you will begin to see patterns and understand the whys about how we subliminally repeat them.

Find out why by learning how to navigate your own internal emotional landscape:

  • Change old patterns of negative relating.
  • How to achieve the art to have difficult conversations with the outcome you really want.
  • Make better relationship choices by learning what your attachment type is and what kind of person you work better with.

When you are given the tools and the clarity, so many things become clearer and you will move away from self-limiting and self-defeating behaviours which you will learn that I can give you in this group and things will change.

I am an Emotional Coach who helps people discover healthier ways of relating which allows them to break free from old patterns, bad choices and disappointments and find a better happier romantic future.

The group will be for one and a half hours once a week where we meet on Zoom. Together we can discuss individual problems and be given lots of new insights and tools on how to learn more about yourself, your triggers, your attachment type and what kind of person works with you and is truly suited to you.

You will have a deeper sense of self-awareness, recognise red flags with prospective new partners as well as the ones we already have, the causes of discord, lack of connection, and moving forward to so much more that truly feels right.

The group commitment will be for five weeks at a cost of £145 (£29 per week) per person and take place at 7:30-9pm on an evening that works best for the group majority. There will also be a WhatsApp support group if all group members are in agreement. Wonderful new friendships can bloom from being in a group and you can talk to others who really get you.

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Hosted by Gail Berry

I am Gail Berry, an accredited Life Coach who specialises in inter-relational dynamics, and an alternative medical practitioner and Grief Recovery Specialist. My approach is entirely holistic and explores our earlier childhood ways of learned relating, which have a huge effect on the way we behave in relationships because it is familiar.