Professional NLP coaching certification

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Professionals and trainees

Introducing the Professional NLP Coaching Certification, our NLP coaching online course. 

Designed and presented by NLP School founder, Robbie Steinhouse, this course will teach you all of the fundamental skills and tools required to coach professionally or to gain a coaching approach to your other roles in life.

Step by step coaching sessions broken down

Uniquely, this course is designed so it follows a realistic path of what a group of coaching sessions would actually be like between a coach and client. This gives a ‘fly on the wall’ experience of the entire coaching journey, from their first session together right through to the end of the coaching contract.

After each session, Robbie presents a further video explaining the coaching process and how it can be used in a broader context with different clients. Lastly, a questionnaire to test your knowledge and gain your certification.

The course uses the latest technology from Moodle, the world’s leading e-learning system and provides a state-of-the-art interactive experience, similar to attending a live coach training with the opportunity to interact and practice with other students.

Techniques to make a real difference for your clients now

For coaches, therapists or those with relevant training, Robbie’s experience as an NLP coach provides a powerful approach to help clients shift significant psychological blocks and build a roadmap for success and fulfilment in their lives. It also provides all that you require to run a coaching practice for private clients. We also provide details of the leading professional accreditation bodies, along with their code of ethics and how to continue your development as a coach. 

If you would also like a sophisticated approach to your own personal development and success, where you can simultaneously gain a professional certification and make a positive and lasting difference, then this course is for you.

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Robbie is one of Britain’s leading NLP trainers and coaches. He delivers all of the training at NLP School in London and is also on the faculty at NLP University in California. In addition to being an NLP Master Trainer he is also an ICF certified coach and his work ranges from delivering in-house leadership programmes to coaching private clients.