NLP coaching course

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26th - 28th July 2024, 9.30am - 5.00pm
Professionals and trainees

This training is for people who have trained in NLP to extend their scope and skillset to encompass coaching, whether that is in your current role or as a new career.


More and more organisations and individuals are looking for coaching and the demand for good quality coaches is constantly increasing.

This three-day training module takes the skills you already have as an NLP practitioner or master practitioner to facilitate powerful change and teaches you to utilise them in a coaching context. It gives you additional strategies taken from core coaching methodology and through practical exercises shows you how to be an effective coach.

Please note: The prerequisite for this course is a recognised NLP practitioner qualification or above. Not yet completed your NLP practitioner training? Would like to become an NLP coach from scratch? Please review our full 10-day NLP coaching training course.

We run regular public trainings (please see dates below). This course can also be run in-house and 1-2-1 tuition is available. On public trainings, to make it more easily fit around your lifestyle, the training is split into modules.


Coaching is not in fact a “profession” it is a function – a process that has become a profession. This course teaches you the key principles of that function plus additional NLP skills and concepts:

  • TOTE for outcomes.
  • Strategies for success.
  • The “coaching triangle”.
  • The difference between directive and non-directive approaches.
  • Common coaching models, including the SCORE model and the GROW model.
  • Perceptual positions, meta programmes and neurological levels.
  • Utilising questions, suggestions and metaphors.


Certification on this course is: Licensed NLP Coach with the Society of NLP.

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Hosted by NLP Birmingham