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Join life coach Nicola for 45 mins of energy-boosting, laughter-inducing, connection-building games designed to get you out of your head and understanding how to use play to your advantage.

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” George Bernard Shaw.

As languishing became a normal word post-lockdown, Nicola, fed up with her productivity diminishing challenged herself to a game that would flip this on its head: The Dice Challenge.

She started to explore more about how we can use games to our advantage. We’re going to take all we know about play and coaching and roll it into a feel-good session that helps you take steps towards dealing with overwhelm and feeling productive - whilst having fun of course.

Important note

Making time to play games is important at the best of times, and never more so than right now. Play has been proven to combat loneliness, stress, and depression; and to increase connection, creativity, imagination, collaboration, energy, physical and mental wellbeing.

Running once a month for free until the end of the year, book your ticket here.

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Hosted by Nicola Twiston Davies

Nicola is a qualified transformational life coach and so will take you through each game and teach you how to take the learnings forwards. This session is all about Nicola using her skills to help you show up as your best self and let loose, leaving you energised, inspired and ready to take on your goals.


Hosted by Nicola Twiston Davies

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