Life coaching training course - live on Zoom

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26th - 28th July 2024, 9.30am - 5.00pm
Professionals and trainees

Welcome to our online life coaching event! Are you feeling stuck in life and in need of guidance? Our experienced coaches are here to help you navigate through challenges, set goals, and achieve personal growth. Join us for interactive sessions, personalised advice, and practical tools to empower you on your journey. Let's work together to unlock your full potential and live your best life. Sign up now and take the first step towards a happier, more fulfilling future!

It also comes with the reassurance of a robust and internationally recognised qualification from the Society of NLP if that is of interest to you.

What you will learn:

  • The relationship between and the differences of coaching, therapy, consulting and counselling.
  • How coaching benefits both the organisation and the individual.
  • How coaching skills are essential to managers.
  • The main coaching models and how they fit with NLP.
  • How to set goals so you can achieve them.
  • How to give feedback that quickly modifies behaviour.
  • How to coach a client to achieve their outcomes.
  • How to structure your own coaching programmes.
  • How to apply a simple top ten tips to coaching.

The course outline shown below is to give you an idea of the content. It is flexible depending on the needs, experience and interests of the group.

Day 1 - Introduction, structure and...

Background to coaching for change:

  • What coaching actually is.
  • A brief history of coaching.
  • How the NLP strategy model ties in planning implementation including:
    • TOTE for results.
    • Well-formed outcomes.
    • The NLP Framing tool.
    • Classic coaching models such as GROW, SMART, CLEAR etc.
    • Meta programmes and how they structure your decisions.
    • How we naturally motivate and organise ourselves and how we can use that to create natural motivation and productivity.

Day 2 - The use of language in coaching

  • What our language says about our internal world.
  • How to gain rapport easily and effortlessly.
  • Using the NLP language patterns:
    • meta model
    • Milton model
    • sleight of mouth
    • small words with big meanings
  • The language of results:
    • How to verbally frame an outcome so it is the only possible result.
    • How to effectively structure questions and use feedback to easily achieve results.

Day 3 - Bringing it all together

  • How to structure your coaching programmes.
  • Top 10 tips for coaching for change from an NLP perspective.
  • Perceptual positioning.
  • Timelines.
  • Practical coaching practice.

Course dates: July 26th to 28th.

What next?

Contact us on 0121 251 6172 or email to discuss, and book.

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We provide open training courses for NLP in Birmingham, and Coaching, as well as on-site workshops and training courses to suit your needs. Mark is currently a NLP Trainer with the Society of NLP and working towards Master-Trainer of NLP with Christina Hall.

Hosted by NLP Birmingham